Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hello!!! A Quick Update!

Wow! I could write a book right now. Seriously. So much has happened over the past couple months.

First of all, Chris is doing fabulous in TX and is passing the train dispatch course with flying colors! He has been offered a job and will start on Dec.2. We already have a house picked out and have started working on financing and all of that fun stuff! The kids and I are still in MS with my how did I go house shopping with the hubs in TX? FaceTime. We knocked out about 13 houses in one day. House shopping is a blast from the couch! :-D

Everything is going great here. The kids are doing wonderful. Big G is doing well in school, all A's. She is still playing her violin and enjoying that. When we move to TX, I plan to sign her up for some Irish Dance instead of continuing her in ballet. I feel that it will suit her more. She is so bouncy. :-)

Little G is loving PreK. She has not shed a single tear over being dropped off and enjoys every single minute. She is only in the 2's program but the structure is doing very well for her. Finding another PreK program in TX is an absolute must.

Griffin...where do I even begin! Mercy, this little boy has made a huge change since the summer. I'm going to have to make a seperate blog on his changes but to just quickly explain what has happened, he has come out of an anemic fog. Because of Celiac Disease, he was so severely anemic, that he was literally in a fog and his brain wasn't fully functioning. His iron levels in his blood are pretty much normal now but the levels in his bone marrow are still on the low side. He is still on supplements to bring his iron levels up, and of course, he will remain on the gluten free diet for the rest of his life, and that should keep him from getting in this state again.

But anyway, oh my goodness, this little boy is so amazing. Even more amazing than before. When Chris came home in October for a visit, he noticed a huge difference in Griff's cognitive state. He is so much more focused and involved. His therapists are taking notice that he is working harder and completing tasks during his sessions. Exciting stuff, folks! Very, very exciting!

Can't wait to have better internet access so that I can update y'all more often! Miss y'all terribly! No worries, though. I will get back to blogging regularly once we have settled into our new home!

Love and Hugs!!!