Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Details

What a journey this is!  So much paperwork!  It seems that we will never get it all done.  Once we get a form completed, notarized, and apostilled, it changes... or something wasn't correct on it in the first place.  Being military, stationed overseas, mixes things up a bit.  We were hoping to have everything done in time to submit our Dossier on Feb. 1 but it looks as if we may be waiting a little longer.  We sent off for our FBI background check back in Oct. and that still has not been issued (for those of you who are adopting, this is not a requirement for everyone, so don't panic!  Our HS agency requires this).  We just can't move forward until we receive everything.

It seems that we take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  I'm ready to get our boy home so that we can move forward and establish our new normal.

I know that God's timing is perfect so we will be patient.  There are benefits to having to wait longer, though.
We have more time to save money.
We have more time to try to secure an adoption grant or loan.
We have more time to prepare our home.
We have more time to learn more about the country we are traveling to and learn the language.

But every day that goes by is one more day that our "Finn" is in an orphanage without his family. 

I wish I could be worry-free but I inherited the worry trait from my daddy.  I just can't help myself...but I am getting better.  I have been very much at peace with bringing this little boy into our lives.  I don't worry about how our lives will change because I know this is God's will for our lives.  I cannot deny that God has put us on this path to this sweet little boy.  He is our son and we are going to bring him home. 

As I worry, God speaks to me in a still quiet voice.  He always says the same thing every single time.  He really is the most patient, most loving, the ONE and ONLY God.  The great I AM.   And He says to me, "I AM in the details."

"God, will we have enough to get him home?"
"I AM in the details."

"But God, will WE be enough for him?  Can we provide what he needs?"
"I AM in the details."

"God, how do I leave my children behind to go to his country to get him?"
"I AM in the details."

"God, how do I bring my children with us so that I don't have to leave them behind?"
"I AM in the details."

And only one time has He said anything any differently to me.
"God, how, as a mother, do I leave my children behind?"
And He said, "This boy is your child, too."

So I'm not sure how everything will work out.  I don't know the details but God obviously does.  I'm glad He's got my back!  I have faith in Him.

He is in the details.


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