Saturday, September 10, 2011

“God Moments”

                I just love how God speaks to me.  He speaks to me in ways that are so obvious because sometimes I’m just so hard to reach.  This adoption has God all over it.  I am so thankful that He keeps giving me signs that He’s in this because we cannot do this on our own.  He has been faithful and because of this, we have the strength to keep moving forward.
                Our friends, Ashley and Shea Coleman, have been so supportive of our adoption process.  They have recently adopted a little boy with Down syndrome and God has used this family to reach us.  Ashley is a ballet instructor and she has asked if she could sell tutus for us in her studio so that she can donate the money to our adoption.  So we started brainstorming on colors and she wanted the basics…pink, hot pink, purple, black, and green…. So I started looking at tulle.  Turquoise kept standing out to me… so I put that on my list.  It was getting close to midnight so I finally turned in for the night.
                As I tried to fall asleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about tulle colors. Ha… my mind never shuts down… but I wanted to suggest turquoise blue and lime green tutus because that is one of my favorite color combinations.  And here is where it clicked:
The only picture that I have of Finn is of him sitting in a blue and green swing, in a blue and green outfit, on my blue and green blog page, with an RR name of Finn which is a name that is dear to our hearts.   WOW.  God really knows how to get my attention!  There has been so much more that He has revealed to me and I can’t wait to share that as well, when the timing is right!
                Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, donations, support, everything!!  Please keep praying for us!  Hugs to all!
(Still up next:  The Least of These…)


  1. Hey there! This is Holly, I added you to my "following" page. Still so surprised that we met like we did!!! I can't wait to follow your story!

  2. Hey Holly!! I will look you up, too! I can't wait to follow yours as well!


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