Friday, February 3, 2012

A Fabulous Giveaway!

So, we have teamed up with 2 other adopting families here in Germany and we will be having an awesome giveaway for the month of February!  So many people have donated some awesome prizes!  Everything from gift cards to autographs, Oreck vacuums to handmade treats.  Please check it out and let people know!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

We are on the home stretch right now with our adoption and we look to be traveling pretty soon once our Dossier is submitted (and we will be submitting that very soon).  Would you like to purchase one of our adoption t-shirts to help us raise some extra money?  Please check out our fundraising page.  We have t-shirts available in medium, large, and X-large, if you are interested!  

This month, we should be finding out if we have been approved for our adoption loan.  Please, please pray that we are approved!  It is an interest free loan and would be a huge blessing!  We are also having our taxes done very soon so we are praying that we get a great return to go toward our adoption.  We will give an update on how much money we have left to raise and save.  It's getting close, y'all!  Very close!

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  1. You know you've got my prayers! Love you and God has got all of this under control! :) Stay are in the home stretch!


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