Saturday, February 25, 2012

He's Starting to Sweat!

Hi all!  Well, we have GREAT news!  Our Dossier was translated very quickly and we were officially submitted!  Our dossier is now being reviewed and we are waiting for approval and an invitation to meet our son!  We are SO excited!

And so nervous...


However, I think we are making the devil sweat!  I think  he's actually shocked that we are making such progress so he's starting to attack our pocketbooks!  2 weeks ago, we had to put new tires on Chris' truck which ended up costing about $600.  He was sliding all over the icy roads so we had to do it.  Then this week, his truck broke down and it will cost $800 to fix.  Unavoidable.  We will not be shaken, though! 

Another expense has been added...We have decided to take our baby girl to the states so that my mother can give her some extra TLC and bonding time.  With this being said, we will have a child in 3 different countries because Gracie will be staying here in Germany.  Please pray for this momma's heart!  It is being torn into 3 pieces!

If you will take a look at our fundraising thermometer, you will notice a HUGE jump!  Our income tax refund was deposited into our account.  We are currently waiting for our adoption loan to be approved around March 6.  Please pray that it is approved!  Also, we have 2 fundraisers going on for the month of February (only a few more days!):

 Pampered Chef-

Under the host name please input "Maria" as the first name and "Solomon" as the last name to ensure that we are credited with your purchase. Then shop as you normally would online.

All of Lura's profit will go into our adoption fund.  She has an amazing heart!  AND, she's in the process of adopting 2 little ones of her own!  (Lura is also one of the 3 families involved in the Share the Love Giveaway listed below!)
When the show ends on Feb. 28th, all orders and payments will then be processed.


Share The Love Giveaway- Helping 3 military families to adopt 4 orphans from 3 different countries!

A donation of only $5 could win you one of 33 GREAT prizes! 
Share our giveaway blog 3 times and you can receive a FREE entry!

Your support is so very appreciated!  We have had some of the most wonderful people step up and offer prayers, encouragement, support, and donations.  We could not have made it this far without you!  It is so easy to get discouraged, but just as that begins to happen, you swoop in to rescue us!  God bless you all!  We are almost there!


  1. So proud of your faith and strength throughout this time!! You are almost there!! You know you've got my continuous prayers!! I love you, BFF!!

    1. I know it, BFF! You've got my prayers too! You will be there before you know it! Moving right along! :-)


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