Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Chris's View-

It is funny how a child can fit so well into your family!

Everyone with children knows that moment when their new baby truly becomes part of the family.  It is different for every parent.  I know with Big G it was looking in the rearview mirror into the rear seat mirror and seeing her sleeping.  For some reason, I knew then I would lay down my life to save hers if ever the need arose.  For Little G, it was a little more traumatic.  When I saw my sweet baby in the hospital with a IV hanging out of her head, I knew I would do anything to take the pain away from her, it didn't matter what she was feeling.  For Griffin though, it was a little different.  I did not feel that "love" for him until I went back to get him.

I know, that sounds bad.  Let me explain.  I loved him as a child.  I loved him as a child of God.  I loved him as an orphan.  Even though we had been through court and he was technically our son, I did not love him as such.  That all changed when I got back to the orphanage and saw regression and some sores on his forehead from what looked like stemming.  I knew then I would take my son's place in whatever bad situation he may encounter.  I knew in my heart I would have stayed in that orphanage in his place had they allowed it.  I may never know when our kids truly accepted Griffin as their brother, maybe I can find out from Big G, but for Little G, she'll never be able to tell me (if she has even accepted him yet!  LOL!).

It is crazy the difference a year makes... I know, June is his year home with us, but for Maria & I, we have had our son for a year now.  Maria took a video of us on the way home from my Granny's birthday party this past weekend.  On a long straight stretch of road I was able to share a little part of my childhood with my kids.  I remember my Granny "stealing our stomachs" on some thrill hills in her old, tan, cast iron, beast of an automobile.  It was even better for us, I am sure, as there was no such thing as seatbelt laws back then!  I am sure we caught air in the back seat more than once!  Anyway, I took my kids across those rapid drop hills and they LOVED it!  Everyone of our kids were squealing and laughing.  It was this moment I hope Griffin felt he was a part of our family.

He was laughing and giggling and squealing right along with everyone else.  The funny thing is he was raising his hands like he was on a roller coaster!  He's going to be a thrill seeker we think.  At that point all of our children were acting as, sorry for going military here, a cohesive unit.  That split second reassured me that I, that we, were in God's will and that I would gladly trade my life if it could make my children as happy as they are in this video!

I leave ya'll with the evidence, with my proof of family if you will.  I'm guilty, and so glad!

See ya'll later!

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  1. I remember reading the blog when you were picking him up. I could tell you were falling in love with that little guy. It was one of the sweetest things I've read.
    When I adopted my daughter I don't think I let myself fall for her until we were leaving her country. Then I realized she was mine and no matter what I would do whatever I had to, to give her the best life possible. It was an awesome feeling.


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