Friday, April 19, 2013

Met'cha Day-Griffin's View

Today marks the one year anniversary of meeting the most precious little boy in the world!

He has a story to tell...

Griffin's View-

There was so much going on this morning and I was on edge.  Every time things change, even slightly, I try to hide.  I will put my fingers in my mouth and cover up my eyes with my other hand so that I will disappear.  What was even scarier is that I kept hearing my name over and over again..."Nazar"... and I didn't know why they were talking about me.  I was being good!  It made me want to hide even more but I was in my crib and there was no place else to go.

I could see the nanny pulling out my usual outfit that I only wore if I needed to be warmer.  I was already wearing my usual red tights and a long sleeve shirt...Was she about to dress me to take me outside?!  I would love that!  She whisked me out of the crib and laid me down on the table to put my outfit on... wait... no shoes?  no coat?  no hat?  What's going on?  I peeked between my fingers to see the unfamiliar nanny quickly dressing me.  She seemed very rushed and I heard my favorite nanny across the room say something about a mama...

The nanny picked me up and turned me to where I was facing outward.  Her arms were firmly around my waist and I was able to see where we were going...down the stairs, with pictures of other little kids lining the walls.  I tried to reach out to touch the walls but the nanny wouldn't let me.  There were strange people walking around in white coats with scary doctor masks over their faces.  I only see these people once a year and it always puts the nannies on edge.  The nannies always clean a lot and rush around to make everything look nice.  It didn't seem like these people wanted to see me, though, because the nanny kept walking.  The smell of my lunch was surrounding me as we made our way down the hall... Was she taking me to the kitchen?!  I would love that!  Just as I thought we were about to go there, she took me into the office across the hall... I've never been in there before.  Ever.  There was a lady at the desk and she motioned for us to open the next door.  Without hesitation, the nanny took me right on in.

I didn't know what to think!  There were so many pictures on the shelves, so many people standing in the office, and there were two people who didn't look like nannies, and they were looking at me. A lady across the room said something like, "Maria, you can go to him" and she jumped up out of the chair and took me from the nanny's arms.  I didn't know what to think so I started laughing.  I couldn't tell if I was laughing because I was happy or if I was just nervous... or maybe both.  This lady had on a warm black sweater and she held me tightly to her, and it felt different than how the nannies carry me.  I looked up and saw that she was crying and I hope that I didn't hurt her feelings.  She kept squeezing me and telling me something that sounded like "I love you" and then she tried to say it in Russian... it came out like "ya tibya lu blue"...but I don't really know what that means, but I felt something inside me that I have never felt before.  Maybe those are magic words!  The lady in black passed me over to the man.  He had a scruffy face and I couldn't help but rub his cheek with my hand!  That wasn't enough, though, so I got really close to his face and licked his cheek!  He must have liked it because he started tickling me.  I was laughing so hard and I was having so much fun!  Then the doctor told the nanny to take me away.  I was kind of sad to go...but I knew it was lunch time and my tummy was talking...

What was that all about?  Why were those people so nice to me?  Why did the nanny take me to see them?

When I got back to my groupa, the nice nanny said something about a mama again and she looked very happy for me.  I still don't really know what she is talking about...But I hope it's good!

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Love and Hugs!!


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