Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where The Sheets Go- Griffin's View

Let me begin by saying that I desperately want to go back to my son's birth country.  This month is just filled with so many memories of our time spent there and I miss it.  I want to go back to his orphanage and see all of the others that we left behind.  All of those sweet little faces are burned into my memory forever.  How many of them will have families?  How many of them will succeed in life?  I pray that they all will...but reality tells me otherwise.  I'm so pleased to say that 2 of the little boys that I would have taken home in an instant have families on the way for them in the very near future!  They will make excellent sons...I'm sure of it!

Griffin's View of April 25, 2012-

The orphanage is different now.  All of the nannies are opening up the windows and taking the rugs outside.  The sheets have been taken from our beds and it smells fresher in our room. They keep saying something about spring being here.  They also took me from my giant play pen and said that "momma and papa" are here to see me.  I know that it's the lady who keeps wearing the black sweater and the man with the scruffy face.  I really like those people because they take me outside!  It's really nice out there.

The nanny didn't stuff me in all of those thick layers of clothes today.  I can move and breathe and I don't feel too hot!  Come on people, take me outside!

The nanny handed me off at the door and away we went.  I like that these people let me touch the wall as they take me outside.  I really like the way it feels.  The minute they stepped outside with me, they stood me up on the ground to let me walk around the orphanage.  They have to hold both of my hands to keep me from falling but I'm still in the lead.  I stick my belly out so that I can be faster than they are.  hahaha

I finally realized where all of the sheets from our beds are!  I can see them floating from strings in the trees!  That's kind of weird.  The "momma" noticed that I was looking at them and she said that the sheets are drying on the clothes line or something like that.  Then she said something like, "that's how we do it in the south, too."  I'm not really sure what a south is.  Maybe "the south" is why she sounds so weird!  hahaha

These people like to tickle me so much!  They also tell me that I have big squishy cheeks.  My hat that the nanny always puts on me makes my cheeks squish out even more because they tie it under my chin.  It aggravates me so much and I don't want it on my head.  I do like the tickles, though.  It causes me to make a happy noise and causes me to smile.  I notice that every time I smile, they smile... I like the way they look when they smile at me and I'm trying to make the same face as them.  It seems to make them happy.  I've never really made anyone happy before so I'm going to do my best!

On the way up the stairs, though, I knew that our time was over and it made me sad.  I made a huge pouty face and I think I scared the scruffy papa man.  He made the momma come over to me and look at my face. My lip was poking out really far and I made a loud moan.  I did a good job of choking back my tears.  The tears kind of surprised me, though, because I don't really let that happen anymore.  Tears don't really work here.  I stopped them up and the momma took me in her arms and told me that it would be ok and that they would come back to see me later that day.  That made me feel a little better but I still didn't want them to take me back to my room.  I really like them and I really like being outside.  They make me feel special.

They gave me a squeeze and told me they would be back later.

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Love and Hugs!

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