Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Candy Lady! Griffin's View

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Here is Griffin's view of May 2, 2012-

Yesterday was such a scary day because I had to leave my favorite nanny and friends and move to a new room.  I tried to be really when I got scared, I would just cover my eyes up and disappear.  It helps when I do that.  I wondered if this move would mean that the nice people who visit me twice a day would try to visit another kid from my old room instead of me, but they came back for ME!  They found me in the other room and still took me outside.  I didn't know if the other nannies would allow it but they seemed fine with me going with them.  I'm starting to really look forward to these visits because they make me feel special.  I wonder why the other kids don't have a momma and papa people to visit them, too.  It kind of doesn't seem fair... But I remember a long time ago, another little boy named Vlad, who was just like me, had people visiting him and then he disappeared one day.  I wonder if I will disappear, too.  That kind of makes me nervous but these people are nice, so I think I will be fine!

When the momma and papa came to get me this morning, the momma sounded different.  She sounded like she was all stuffed up, like how I get sometimes.  So the papa took me, and the momma said something about blowing her nose.  So he took me outside to wait for her.  As we passed by the kitchen, I smelled my yuckiest meal ever!  LIVER.  GROSS.  I don't like liver very much but I always have to eat it so that my stomach will be quiet.  My tummy will talk when it gets hungry and it doesn't make me feel too good.    When we made it outside, two other little kids walked up to the papa and held his hand.  He still carried me but I didn't really like these other two kids pulling on this papa.  I'm starting to feel like he belongs to me, only, and I don't really like to share him.  Is he going to keep those two with us the whole time?  He led them to the play shed and dropped them off.  I was relieved because he kept me with him.

We played and had a great time!  I really didn't want them to leave but they promised they would be back for the evening visit.  I was looking forward to that!

I was so excited to hear the buzzer after dinner today because I knew that it was the momma and papa!  They waited in the office for me and just before they were about to take me out, the doctor candy lady gave the momma a piece of candy to give to me!  I was so excited!  I kept staring at that candy over and over again and it made my mouth water.  I kept having to push down my excitement because I didn't want them to see me act that way, but it was so hard to do!

When we got outside, the momma opened up the candy and I got so excited.  She put a piece of it in my mouth and then she let out a shriek!  Oops!  I tried to eat her finger, too!  She should be more careful!  She kept feeding the candy to me and when it was over, I got really mad.  I cried a lot.  I don't like it when my food goes away.  I was pretty grumpy after that.  The momma suggested that we go to the swing and that cheered me up a little bit.  She had to wipe the seat clean with her hand and then she let out another shriek!  She held her hand up and it looked like poopka, but it wasn't me!!  I have my diaper on.  She said that it was bird poopka and then ran inside to wash her hands.  The papa cleaned it up and let me swing, so that made me a little happier.  The doctor candy lady kept coming around and every time I would see her, I would think of candy and how bad I wanted more.  She kept making me very upset because I wanted more.  I didn't like acting this way because I could tell that it made the momma and papa worry about me but I just couldn't help it.  I have to act this way if I want food.  Everyone acts this way.  The louder I am, the more food I get.  I have to be louder than the person beside me.  I will try to do better.

The momma and papa held me even tighter today and promised me that I would have lots to eat one day.  I like the sound of that.   They also said something about a new name...that I would be called Griffin Nathaniel... I like the sound of that, too!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

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Love and Hugs!!

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