Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Endoscopy Tomorrow (Thursday) and IEP Meeting Today

So it's that time of year again...time to get retested for Celiac Disease.  We took him to the GI doctor last week and she believes that he has Celiac we are hoping for a solid answer.  Please pray that he does well with the anesthesia, recovery, and results!  

Today was Griffin's IEP meeting to discuss his goals for next year.  It went really well and I'm pleased with the goals that are set for him.  His teacher is awesome and seems to have great insight into who Griffin is and feels that he is a very intelligent little guy!  I have to agree!  :-D

Griffin's teacher shared some of the things that he is doing in the classroom and I'm amazed, honestly.    However, some of the things that he is doing in the classroom shows markers for autism.  Griffin's behavioral specialist in Germany mentioned that he could possibly have autism but it's very hard to tell since he was an institutionalized child.  Only time will tell.  

1.  He lines up toys in the classroom.  (He's never done this at home.)
2.  He learned to raise the blinds and can keep them level by pulling and alternating both strings.  (When she told me this, I almost started crying!  He's so smart!)  She feels that he is drawn to the horizontal lines of the blinds.
3.  He's infatuated with opening and closing doors. (Nothing new here!)  She explained that it could be the lines of the doors that draws him in.
4.  Repetitive motion of opening and closing doors, drawers, cabinets, etc.  He would do this for an hour if he's not redirected into doing something else.
5.  He waves his hand in front of his face.  (His hands were his only toy in the orphanage, so this may just be something he will grow out of.)
6.  Lack of speech.  I thought he was trying to say 'banana' and 'more' several months ago, but he stopped trying to say it.  He is still relying on sign language and I'm extremely proud of him.

Some positives that go against Autism.
1.  He craves touch and attention.  Yes, he is content to lounge on the floor alone for awhile, but if a person walks into the room, he will make his way over to that person and crawl up into their lap.  He reaches out for people as they walk by.  He will pick our hands up and place them where he wants to be rubbed...he loves to have his head scratched.  
2.  He makes eye contact.  
3.  He wants to be involved.

So does he have autism?  I don't know.  I'm not ready to put that label on him without giving him more time in a loving home.  All I know is that we are crazy head over heels in love with this little dude and we will provide the very best for him!  

Well, we have to get up super early in the morning in order to get to Jackson.  Griffin's procedure is not until 10:00 and he will be so hungry!  Prayers appreciated!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Yes, everything went great as far as the procedure itself... His small bowel is extremely inflammed and is the source of his anemia... Also, visually, he looks like he does have celiac disease. Just waiting on the biopsies to confirm. Thank you!!


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