Friday, March 8, 2013

Behavioral Specialist Appt and A Bit of Independence.

Lately, I have been trying to give Griffin more responsibilities and challenges.  I try not to carry him as much or use the stroller and he's been impressing me a lot!  At school, they are doing their best to help him master the flight of stairs, so I've stepped it up a notch at home, too.  I make him go up by himself and help him walk down by holding his hands.  When he comes home from school, he is so exhausted that I have to end up carrying him, his little legs will give out on him.  He really tries so hard and I'm so proud of him!

Yesterday, since Chris was home and could keep Little G for me, I let Griffin walk all the way to the bus stop to get his big sissy.  I can see all over his face that he is incredibly proud of himself and that he thinks he's just too big for his own britches!  haha.  Of course, along the way, he had to touch everything...the fences, the bricks, the bushes, etc.  It took quite a while but he walked the entire distance.

Today was his behavioral health appointment.  His behavioral specialist is the best doctor in the world to us.  We really hate to leave him behind but he has a plan for Griffin and Little G in MS so we won't have to go without therapies while we are there.

So what did he say about Griffin?  Well, when we got Griffin out of the orphanage, he gave Griffin a cognitive age of 4-7 months in most areas and up to 10 months in others.  (I didn't know he considered Griffin in the 4 month range until today!)  Today, he gave Griffin a cognitive age of 10-17 months.  Griffin is all over the place in the things that he can do.  I think he has a very good understanding of many things, however, he just can't DO them.  He's still trapped inside of his little body.  He's working very hard, though, and I'm so proud of him!  He also warned us to be very careful with labels.  He said that many people will want to label him with autism but that he hasn't been out of the orphanage long enough for that kind of diagnosis.  We need to give him more time before we go there.

What did he say about Little G?  Well, he saw Little G for 1 well baby appt at 2 years old.  I ran a few things by him and he remembered what I had said and asked me how she was doing.  He said that he was concerned about a few things with her.  1.  She doesn't feel pain.  (for example, she fell backwards down the stairs, flipping feet over head about 3 flips, and it didn't phase her.)  2.  She still sits like a "W", which means that her balance may be off.  3.  He thinks she may have early signs of ADD.  She's too young to make this determination so we are going to keep an eye on her.  I have no idea what ADD is all about, honestly... So I will have to do some research.  I do know that she is definitely like a bull in a china cabinet, very reckless, very brave, and very tough.  

So I have a lot to think about right now.  He gave me some insight on Griffin's schooling in the states and for Little G as well.  He feels that Little G needs to be in a school setting one or two times a week for now.  (She's 2 years old, though, so I'm not sure what is available for her.)  Griffin needs to be at school for about 5 hours a day instead of 2.  He is going to learn by example and needs to be exposed more and I totally agree.

Little G is at OT right now and having a blast.  I am sitting here at home, alone, for the 1st time in over 2 years!  It's a very strange feeling and I'm not sure I like it!  haha.  The silence is a little eerie!

But anyway, I should do something important with this alone time that I have... like eat some chips and salsa and watch an episode of Swamp People or something.

Love and Hugs!!!  


  1. Wow, that was a lot of info to chew on! But, good things to know as you will be picking a place to live soon. Look at the school districts and ask to see what they have for students with special needs. I don't think Griffin or Little G are old enough for labels but it is good to know what to look at and watch for. Most cities/towns have little preschools that aren't stuck o n a certain number of days or hours and Little G can just slide on in.
    Changing the subject now - can you explain what this time in your life looks like? You don't pack or clean, when do you leave your house and do you stay in a hotel? Back in the States do you go to relatives or a base? I'm curious. When my aunt/uncle/cousins used to go from one post to another there was lots of time between "there" and "here". But, that was 40 years ago! lol Just wondering if things have gotten more streamlined and faster. The computer age and all.

    1. Hey!!! Well, our days are spent sorting and determining what will be going with us. We had to empty our attic last night because the movers won't go up there. For hours, I sifted through baby clothes and will try to get rid of some of those before we go. On a day to day basis, I just do what I always do. I try to keep the house surface clean, toys picked up, clothes folded, etc. Therapies are still happening, school is still in session, so we are just going with the flow and trying not to think about the hurricane that's approaching. ha. This experience is happening very quickly for us. Quicker than our other moves. The movers will be here on Friday and Monday. Chris is putting his truck on the market, my van will be cleaned and shipped around March 20, I believe. We are going to try to tackle getting our taxes done today, with all of the kids in tow. haha. should be fun! Chris and I are both catching a cold and are drained. Around the 20th, we will move into a hotel until we fly out at the end of the month. Once we land in MS, we will be with my mom until we figure out our next home. Please pray for a job opportunity for Chris!!!! Thanks for asking! I love having some guidance in what to talk about. LOL.

  2. Praying for good health to be yours! It is just too hard to be busy when your body won't cooperate. I've been praying for a job that Chris will enjoy that is close to all your family. Thanks for sharing the moving process.


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