Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink Eye and A Mess A Mile Wide.

What a crazy week!  My poor Big G developed a cough and missed school on Monday.  Then she woke up with pink eye and has missed Tuesday and Wednesday of school.  She is so disappointed that she is missing so much right before the move.  She wants to spend as much time with her friends as possible.  She also had to miss ballet, the little ones are missing speech this morning, and Griffin's OT had to be rescheduled for later today.  Taxes won't be getting done and the list goes on and on.

Our whole house is a disaster!  We have started concentrating on selling and purging items to lighten our load, so we have let the little things go.  Walking through our home is like walking through a landmine.  You never know what kind of toy you will step or trip over... to navigate our living room in the dark would definitely cause bodily harm.

Little G is feeling the stress of our move, I believe.  She has been biting herself again for the past 3 days.  Her little hands have teeth marks all over them.  I know this is an attention seeking behavior and she wants me to stop her... so I'm torn.  I'm giving her attention in other ways...tea parties, rough housing, tickling, songs, stories, but sometimes it just isn't enough.  The thing is, she only wants attention when it can be her way.  Naturally.

For example, she went into the kitchen and threw all of the magnetic letters off of the fridge.  I told her that she would have to pick every one of them up.  She said, "ok", and picked one letter up.  Done.  (She was enjoying this attention that she was getting from me.)

"You have to pick all of the letters up or you will go to time out."

"Ok", another letter picked up.  Done.

"Nope, time out!"  To the corner, kicking, screaming, carrying on for 2 minutes.

"Are you ready to pick the letters up?"

"Letters up! ok!"  Picks up 2 or 3 more letters and pushes the rest around the side of the fridge so that I can't see them.  haha

"Pick the letters up or you will go to time out again!"


"Ok, to the corner for time out."

Chris comes home and witnesses what is going on.  He tells her once to pick the letters up and she does it.  Nice.  Once she picked them up, she was incredibly proud of herself and got praised like there was no tomorrow.  Such a stinker!

In a few months, we will hopefully be settled into our new normal again.  Just got to get through this move!

Love and Hugs!

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