Monday, March 18, 2013

Routines Are Good and Bad...

So, if you've been following along, one thing that you have surely learned about me is that I have a strict routine.  Well, this move has totally taken routine out of the picture and I'm actually thinking that the lack of routine is better for Griffin in some ways.  I've seen him do a few things that I had no idea he could or would do!

For instance, we have no kitchen table right now so I have been putting their booster highchairs on the floor.  Griffin will walk right over to it, sit down, and attempt to put the tray on.

Today, I didn't use his booster chair at all.  I had his food on a plate and I told him that if he was ready to eat, he needed to sit right in front of me (I pointed to the spot).  He walked right over, sat down, and waited to be fed.  I think he's showing off!  haha.

I'm glad that the lack of routine is working out for him because I'm sure this is the way it's going to be for awhile.  I have got to give him more freedom to explore and find himself... I need to loosen my reigns a bit...but I still have to keep him safe.  A lot of the stuff that he wants to do is still too dangerous.  The fortress has been packed away and we won't have it when we move into the hotel tonight.  Should be very interesting!

As of right now, the kids are at school, Chris took Little G with him to his retirement ceremony rehearsal, and I'm at the house with the movers.  We thought it would be best for Chris to let Little G rehearse, too.  I'm sure she is going to put on quite a show tomorrow!

But anyway, moving will be complete in a few hours!  We will move into a furnished apartment so that we can still have a "home" and cook if we want.  We will have to use a laundry facility to wash our clothes, which I'm not looking forward to, just to give you some insight.  I'll post pictures.  :-)

Love and Hugs!

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