Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 35-Busy, Busy!!!

We have been SOOOOO busy since we got home on Saturday!  We were greeted at the airport by our Big G on her birthday!!!  She was so excited to see us and snuggled with me all the way home.  We have been trying to catch up on lost time with our oldest and I have also been dealing with a clogged duct in my eye... I had an ER visit for that last night and a doctor's appt today.  No relief at all and pretty uncomfortable.  However, I am flying to MS tomorrow to bring Little G home!  I will stay until Monday so that I can visit with family/friends and to allow  Little G to warm back up to me, just in case!  I'm so excited!

We are STILL dealing with legal office issues. <sigh> It never ends!  Since I am not returning with Chris to get Griffin, I have to have a paper notarized, basically on the form they just want my signature notarized.  However, the legal office wanted the form completely filled out and that's not possible because all of the information is on the court decree that we don't have that yet!  Today was my only day to get this form done because I'm flying home!  So Chris got to work on calling the embassy and sending emails and thankfully everyone was quick to respond and moved a mountain for us.  We were able to fill out every blank so that they would notarize my signature.  It only took 5 hours at the legal office.  Only.5.hours. <sigh>  Maybe this was our last hurdle?  Maybe???

And as for our Middle G, mercy, we miss him!  He's definitely a huge part of our family now and we can't wait to get him home!  We have been trying to gather the things that he needs.  We have had friends to step up and offer us clothing which helps so much!  I know all of you are so anxious to meet him and we can't wait to introduce him to you!!  Our children are a blessing to us.  Such a blessing.

So please continue to pray for us!  Please pray for Big G because I am going to have to leave her again... Please pray for my eye, it's so painful!!!...Please pray for safe travels for us...And please continue to pray for our little dude! 

Hopefully the next time I write, I'll be in MS! :-) 

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