Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 45 - Disgusted At the Human Race

Look out... time for a little soapbox from yours truly!

Due to some confusion between me & my driver, I was forced to not visit Griffin this morning.  That is now solved, no problems should arise from here on out.

I decided to go to Karavan for lunch.  As I got there, I got a call from the facilitator telling me that my driver needed to come pick me up to go to the train station to get my train tickets for Tuesday evening.  Bummed that I couldn't eat at Mafia like I was wanting, I figured I'd grab a cheeseburger to go from McDonald's.  Let me assure you, after today's experience, I won't be eating at McDonald's until I get some answers from their corporate headquarters!

I forget sometimes that this is not America.  I was standing in line, and to my right was a couple of guys speaking English.  Cool!  They were from New York, on an exchange program.  They were African American guys, and we talked about the utter lack of diversity here.  To be honest, the entire month Maria & I were here together, we saw 2 black guys, and since I have been here on this trip, I have seen exactly 2... these two.  We talked a little bit while we waited for our turns to order in our respective lines.  They got to the counter first and, at least to my ears, they spoke perfect Russian.  The girl behind the counter listened, then began to speak.  I could tell the guys were getting upset.  The manager came over, and YELLED at them, then they turned away from the counter.  I asked what had just happened and they told me that the cashier & the manager both said, "You will not get served here and to leave immediately before they call the police."  They continued, "This restaurant will not serve an inferior person!"  WHAT!!!  I grew up in Mississippi and this DISGUSTED ME!  I immediately got out of line and walked away with the guys.  To their credit, a couple other people, mostly women with children, walked away too.  Wow!  Never in my life did I expect that when I went to Karavan this afternoon.  It shows me how far we have come as America, but yet how far the world as a whole still has to go.  I got back tot he apartment and wrote a letter to McDonald's Corporate Headquarters, condemning the actions of the cashier, the manager, and all the other employees for not having the intestinal fortitude to stand up and do what is right.  Ugh!  Ignorance... okay, off my soapbox.

On a brighter note, as I left Karavan to go out to the car, I made up a song about a girl walking in the mall:

If you're Bedazzled & you know it clap your hands!
If you're Bedazzled & you know it clap your hands!
If you're Bedazzled & you know it,
Your pants, jacket, shirt, socks & shoes should really show it,
If you're Bedazzled & you know it clap your hands!

LOL!  This girl's outfit was COMPLETELY Bedazzled!  Not since Liberace have I seen so many pieces of glass (maybe they were plastic) on one outfit!  I am assuming the entire outfit was denim, as not other fabric could have held up all that weight.  It had to weigh 20 pounds!  There wasn't a spot on her outfit, down to her socks, that was not covered in jewels.  Too funny!  I wish I could have gotten a picture of that.  I would have hate to see her in the sun... blinding!

This evening I got to visit with Griffin.  He has regressed some since we last got to hang out with him, but he seemed to be back to his normal inquisitive self by the end of the visit.  He definitely isn't walking as much as he was.  I walked him holding both his hands, and before, he would walk a good distance.  Today, he gave up after about 25 yards.  Sad, but we'll get him back to where he was, and even more!  I can't wait to see him walk on his own!  That will be a great day!

We left his blue GM (Giraffe Meat) here for him, and the nannies took it away after what appears to possibly have been a struggle between some kids enlarged a hole that had developed in it before our 10 day wait.  Maria whipped him up another one though, for me to bring back.  He REALLY loves his GM!  At first though, he wasn't so sure what had happened.  It miraculously changed colors (and I'm sure flavors)!

The nannies had on size 2T-4T shorts on him!  Oh my word!  I get it, the orphanage system doesn't have enough money here, but for real?  The shorts would not stay on him.  It wasn't plumbers crack, it was bare butt!  Well, diaper butt!  LOL!  I had to roll the top of the shorts over into the waistband of the tights he was wear, which were cording him.  There is no comfortable medium in this place, I tell you.

I remember he was getting tired of being tickled so much right before we left.  I do not think he was tickled at all while we were gone.  He would actually take my hand and put it on his belly when I stopped tickling him.  It was cute, sad that these poor kids don't get that type of affection, but man, it was nice to see him really respond to me.  Unfortunately, I think he's more of a mama's boy than what we had thought!  He kept saying "mamamamama!"  He knew something was different.  I assured him he'd be back with mama after a short (21 hour) flight to the states & another short (19 hour) flight to Germany!  I told him he better be good!  LOL!

All in all, a great visit this evening!

See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from me!!! I love and miss y'all so much!!

  2. Hang in there Chris! I know all of these things are happening for a reason. Before you know will be on that flight to Germany. What a wonderful homecoming it will be for both you and Griffin. Wish I could see it! Prayers for you all!
    The Headrick Family


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