Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Picky Eater? REALLY?

Our OT told us months ago that Griffin will more than likely become a picky eater once he realizes that food is always available.  I didn't believe him and, well, he was right.  The pattern I am noticing is that he doesn't want to even taste meat, unless it's chicken.  He will take it out of my hand and attempt to throw it on the floor.  Stinker.  I think I broke him of throwing it on the floor, though.  He placed his little piece of rib meat as far away from him as possible on his high chair tray.  The awesome homemade potato salad that I made to go with the ribs?  NOPE.  Wouldn't even let the spoon come near him.  I honestly just can't believe that he is turning away food.  Amazing, really.  And aggravating!  haha.  Oh well, this is a sign of growth and acceptance and I embrace it.

Today, with his lunch, I gave him some Cheetos...a first for him and for Little G.  Neither one of them liked them!  However, I did convince Griffin to feed them to me and he really enjoyed that!

Little G is a bit under the weather and I'm praying that Griffin doesn't catch her cold.  I can't remember if I mentioned this but he is having surgery to have tubes placed in his ears on Tuesday and I really don't want to have to reschedule.  So hopefully he will stay healthy and we can get this behind us!

I'm sorry for being absent lately!   I have been feeling lousy and totally drained and I finally went to the doctor.  I had a sinus infection and didn't even realize it!  After one dose of the antibiotic, I could already tell a difference, so I guess I have been fighting this infection for a month before realizing what was going on.  I didn't have bad symptoms, just forehead headaches, sore throat in the mornings, extreme fatigue, and a very minor cough.  But anyway, I'm feeling more like myself again.  This is how out of the loop I have been:  About two weeks ago, I went to the gas station to get gas and I got out of my mini-van, and stood there, no doubt looking like I was lost, because I couldn't remember for the life of me how to open the gas door!  I had to search for the lever and found it under my ice scraper brush thingy.  I have had this van for at least 5 years!  Well, thank goodness I had a good excuse for not being able to find it.  (And if I already mentioned this to you, forgive me!  I am absolutely clueless about what I have blogged about.  I'll go back and read!)

Griffin has been doing so much lately and I can't wait to update you on everything!  I'll start pecking away at them now that I'm feeling better!

Love and Hugs!
(Snow pictures tomorrow!  Promise!)

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