Monday, January 7, 2013

I Know Where I'm Going, Mommy!

Yesterday, we met some friends at Chilis.  Yes, we have a Chilis on base here in Germany and it keeps me alive and happy!  As we were making our way to the front door of the restaurant, Little G was walking and I could tell that Griffin wanted to walk, too.  So I put him down and held his little hand.  He did so well and even toddled through the revolving door with me!  There were three employees standing at the check in counter and they were smiling ear to ear at my little ones as they made their way in.  It was in that moment that I felt like we had a large family, even though we only have 3 children.  Maybe it was because all of our children were on the move around us and not in our arms.  But anyway, I bent down to pick Griffin up and he protested so I just let him walk.  He followed everyone to the table, with just a little assistance, and then I tried to stop him so that I could put my purse on the back of my chair, but he had other plans.  I just let him toddle off for a second as I got everything organized.  I looked up and he had made his way around the long table that was prepared for us and was standing nicely beside his high chair, waiting to be picked up!  He knew exactly where he was suppose to be.   I praised him like there was no tomorrow, just fascinated at how brilliant he is.

Little G has been making me laugh non-stop these past few days.  I absolutely love her speech.  She is hilarious.  This morning, as she was waking in her crib, I heard her over the baby monitor saying, "Sowwy, guys!  Sowwy!!!"  I guess she thought that if she apologized enough, we would take her downstairs and feed her some breakfast.  ha ha.  She was saying it just as cheerfully as she could, too.  It was so sweet!  Later on in the day, I gave her the toothbrush and she got toothpaste down the front of her clean shirt.  So I took that off and was in the process of stain removing it when she appeared out of the blue, topless, with an orange marker, and what appeared to be an attempt to draw a shirt on her chest.  She said, "kudder markahs bobbies", and I'll let you decipher that one on your own.  Also, every time she needs to say yes, she yells out, "YES SIR!" but it comes out "yes suh" and it's stinkin' adorable.

Big G had to go back to school today.  Christmas break is officially over.  <sigh>  I went in to wake her up this morning and she was awake and smiling.  She absolutely loves school.  However, she informed me that she had read an entire Judy Moody novel last night because she had a hard time falling asleep.  I just knew she was going to be exhausted today, but she said she was very hyper instead!  ha ha.  I bet she did a lot of talking today.  Her reason for not being able to sleep?  She's scared of the bear on the movie "Brave".  I will let her sleep with me, since Chris is insisting on watching a football game at 2:00AM!  She can just take his side of the bed.

But anyway, time for a mini-couch date with the hubs.  Maybe I can talk him into making me some popcorn!

Love and Hugs!

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