Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Do

So a couple nights ago, I had my hair done!  When it comes to hair cuts, I'm extremely brave and have done just about everything, with my most drastic cut being a short pixie cut with pink highlights.  So yeah, I'm not scared!  So I took a picture of Meg Ryan's cut that she had in "City of Angels" to the stylist and asked for blonde highlights so that my curls would be more defined.  This was my first time having her as my stylist so I was a tad nervous but she assured me that my hair would look great in this kind of style.

We made small talk and the subject of Griffin came up.  Then she asked me if having my hair cut differently would throw him off and I hadn't really thought about that!  OOPS.  Too late for that, so I said a small prayer that he would be ok with it.  6 inches of my hair was falling all around me.

She made one major tiny mistake and cut my bangs too short.  The cut would have been perfect had she left some length on that part.  <sigh>  Oh well.  Lesson learned.  So I left the salon kind of unsettled and unhappy with the cut but it's just hair...it will grow... right?  I dreaded going home to Chris and showing him my poofed up horrible bangs.  I may as well have had a peacock sitting on my forehead.  Ok, well, it wasn't that bad, but yeah, it kind of was.  So when Chris saw me, he said, "Well, it's not the worst cut you've ever had."  LOL.  Big G said, "wow, that really didn't work out for you, did it?"  I quickly went to the bathroom and worked some magic.  I came out with my bangs pinned down and to the side...that was my only option.  Both agreed that it looked better that way so I was a bit relieved.  Looks like a bobby pin will be my best friend for a month or so!

The next morning, Little G was the first to wake up.  I was anxious to hear her opinion of my hair.  Nothing.  She just wanted breakfast.  Next was Griffin, and he gave me a look like, "wow!  I love it!"  I was SO RELIEVED!  He wouldn't stop rubbing his hands in my hair and laughing!  Well, I guess he could have been making fun of me, but at least he was having a good time, right?  He even gave me some extra love as we had our morning rocking chair time.

But anyway, I have come to really like my hair cut because it's so easy to fix in the mornings!  So what if I have to pin my bangs back?  I was already doing that anyway.  Here's an iPhone picture of my new do and Griffin's delight as we were having our rocking chair time yesterday morning.  I'll try to get a better picture one day!

Love and Hugs!


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