Friday, February 1, 2013

OH, You Want What? 3 "Firsts"

Griffin gave me 3 new "firsts" yesterday.  I'm so proud of my little boy!

Dinner took forever last night but I allowed him to take his time.  I was babysitting my friend's son and she asked if my kids wanted Happy Meals so, as a treat, I said yes.  Big G got a Happy Meal and the Littles shared a pack of fries.  They love fries.  LOVE THEM.  (So do I).  But anyway, as I was pinching up fries for Griffin, I said, "pleaseeeee!" and opened my mouth.  He put the fry into my mouth.  He gave it to me.  This is huge!  Yes, he has fed me popcorn and a Cheeto before, but those are things that he could care less about.  I was so shocked, actually!

Then, after such a long time in the highchair, I unhooked him and lifted him into my arms.  This is the time of day where I usually take him straight to the bathroom for a bath.  However, since we had no plans for Saturday, I was just going to give him a bath in the morning.  Nope, Griffin had other plans.  He started signing "bath" all on his own (the 2nd "first")!  He KNEW it was bath time.  Who could say no to such a sweet request?  Chris and I both looked at each other, kind of in a panic, because we knew the bath water wasn't preheated.  (Yeah, our German home has a water heater that we have to preheat before we can have hot water, and that usually take about 20 minutes.)  So I took him into the bathroom and sat him on the potty chair to kill some time.  He sat there like a big boy and POOPED ON THE POTTY!  Sorry that you had to read that in all caps but it's just that amazing. So proud of him!  (He has used the potty before but it's been awhile.)

So when the bathwater was finally heated, I let him splash around for awhile before wrapping him in his towel and holding him on my lap, in front of our little bathroom heater.  Every night after bath time, we sing songs as he's snuggled on my lap and he expects this now.  It's a very special time for us and I love that he wants it.  I have been trying to teach him "Wheels on the Bus" and for the 3rd "first", he started rubbing his tiny little fists over my eyes for "The baby on the bus goes wah, wah, wah." (is that how you spell that?  not sure.)  It is adorable!!!!!  He did it to Chris, too.  So proud of him!!

I asked Chris, "What's not to love about this little boy?"

He said, "I know, right?"

Why are people so scared of Down syndrome?  I'll never understand that.

Love and Hugs!

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