Monday, February 25, 2013

Waiting on a Hurricane...

So... I suppose you read the blog that my hubs posted a couple days ago, right?  We will be moving in a month.  There's really not much that I can do, other than wait.  I can't pack because the movers will be doing that.  I can't deep clean because we have to hire that out (not that I have the time to do it anyway).  So I feel like I'm standing on the beach, waiting on a hurricane to make landfall.  Being overwhelmed is an understatement.  But on to other news.

Our beloved OT, Thorsten, has opened his new office and we switched over to him (if only for a month, <sigh>).  Griffin had his first visit this morning and had a blast!  Thorsten is amazing and can read children so well.  I spoke with him about how he has become picky with every food (just as Thorsten predicted he would) and discussed some issues that I'm concerned about.  One of them is that he will punch himself in the face when he's frustrated.  Thorsten shed some light on this for me, just as I knew he would.  I can't believe that I didn't think about this, but I guess that's what therapies are for, right?  He said that I should ignore the behavior because he probably enjoys the reaction that I give him.  He said that, as an orphan in a room full of children with only 1 nanny, a child has to get very creative in order to stand out.  To correct or stop him with these behaviors is exactly what he wants... so I will try to ignore it.  We discussed how to deal with the food pickiness and the upcoming move, as well.

Little did I know, that throughout all of this, I had dirt on my face.  Little G kicked me in the face while I was strapping her into the car seat and I wiped it really quick with my coat sleeve and then forgot about it.  SO... yeah, wish I had looked in a mirror before I went into the clinic!

After we got home, I fed Griffin a sandwich since he was going to leave for school pretty quickly.  He gave me the best sugar on my cheek before I cleaned him up, and yep, I forgot about it.  Needless to say, I took him to the bus with peanut butter all over my cheek.  Again, should have looked in a mirror.  haha...  The joys of motherhood!  :-)

Oh, yesterday, I went shopping for retirement ceremony outfits for the kiddos.  I picked this outfit for Griffin and he fell in love with it.  He was so happy in these new threads that he actually cried when I took them off!  I showed him this picture to cheer him up and he kept giving it kisses.  Too precious!  I guess I need to dress this boy up more often!

Love and Hugs!

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