Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

I think this is the best Valentine's Day I have ever had!  Every minute of it was enjoyable.

Little G woke up in a great mood and was extremely loving.  That was a gift in itself!  She kept hugging me over and over again and let me rock her in the recliner.  Griffin was his usual cheerful self and loved opening his first Valentine's card from my mother, "Mawmaw".  As you can see, he was very curious about the money.  All 3 received a tube of M&Ms, and the girls received candy necklaces   Griffin was content to shake the M&M tube like a rattle, so he will probably never eat his.  (and that's fine with me!  haha)

Chris was able to get off work early so that I could attend Big G's Valentine's party.  I also delivered rice crispy treats to Griffin's class.  As I was making my way down the hall, his teacher came around the corner holding Griffin's hand.  He was practicing his walking skills and when he saw me, he smiled!  As he got closer, I knelt down, he walked to me and wrapped his little arms around my neck!  Talk about tears!  I got all teary eyed because this was the first time, outside of our home, that he willingly came to me for a hug.  Then he took my hand and wouldn't let go.  He walked me through the hallways and he was so proud of himself.  When he got distracted with the stairs, I made my way to Big G's classroom.  She gave me the biggest hug ever and I enjoyed watching her open all of her Valentine cards.  Afterwards, I scooped ice-cream for all of the kids in the class so that they could have ice-cream sundaes.  It was so enjoyable spending time all of them.

When we got home, we decided to have an early dinner since Little G appeared to be starving.  Her favorite food in the world is the chicken truck that parks across the street every Thursday.  She was happy.  :-)  Here is a picture of Chris getting the grub.

Oh, here's some pictures from 2009 of the two of us.  (we rarely get pictures of us together!   So enjoy these oldie but goodies!)
(Yep, that's how we roll!)

Tonight, we are going to see a movie and have dinner for our Valentine's date.  Looking forward to it!  And yep, I'm going to wear those red high heels.

Love and Hugs!

PS.  What did I get for Valentine's Day?  A huge iron skillet and some Dove chocolate.  Somebody is buttering me up for a big pan of homemade cornbread, y'all!

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