Thursday, February 7, 2013

Losing Control

It is so amazing how quickly one can lose control of a situation when children are involved.  Ok...well, maybe it's just me... maybe it's amazing how quickly I can lose control.


This is a bathroom scene and poop is involved.  Read at your own risk.

So Chris is working 2:00-10:00 PM shifts all week.  Evenings are difficult but I have it down to a very strict routine, for the most part.  However, tonight I served dinner a little too early.  The chicken truck was parked across the street so I knew that in order to avoid the dinner crowd, I needed to order ours by 5:00.  So, by the way, this is THE best chicken and fries ever!  Anyway, I serve the kids and they were done by 5:30 (usually dinner is done by 6:00-6:15).  Well, this was way too early.  Little G goes to the bath right after dinner and then from the bath to bed...then Griffin goes to the bath.  However, since we were ahead of schedule, all of my children ended up in the bathroom at the same time.  I put Little G in the tub and put Griffin on the potty for his nightly poop.  (I warned you!)  Big G was in and out of the bathroom, mostly causing the kids to laugh.  Well, as Griffin is doing his thang, I started washing Little G, only to discover that she pooped in the tub!  Well, I have no idea how she didn't notice this, but when she finally did, she started screaming.  I still had Griffin on the potty, so I started letting the water drain but had to keep Little G in the tub.  Griffin was ready to get up from the potty, so I asked Gracie to get the roll of toilet paper so that I could clean him up.  Little G is still screaming, Griffin is laughing hysterically, Big G is completely grossed out, and I'm about to pass out from the fumes radiating from these two children!  I picked Griffin up and laid him across my lap.  He flailed and knocked his potty over, sloshing urine on the floor.  Big G very hesitantly sat the potty straight while I sat Griffin on the bathmat.  I rescued Little G from the cesspool, and by wedging her between me and the bathtub to keep her from running away, I managed to cleaned the tub.  While I was doing this, Griffin escaped and decided that he needed to urinate all over the bathroom.  He was already slipping and sliding all over the I reached as far as I could and grabbed his ankle and pulled him back to the safety of the bath mat.  I managed to keep them contained there until the tub was clean.  I wrangled them both into the tub and let them play while I mopped and scrubbed the bathroom.  Then I was able to wash and get them out of the tub.  I have no idea where Big G ran off to, but I think she was hiding!  haha.


This momma is tired.  On a positive note, the chicken truck guy likes my hair.



  1. You started my Friday morning off in a great way! Oh my goodness, that story made me laugh. Poor Big G, she's probably vowing to never have kids. Ewwwww, yuck!

    1. LOL... Glad I made you laugh. :-) We had a somewhat peaceful bath experience tonight, so all is well. Have a great day!


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