Monday, February 11, 2013

An Evening of Texts Between Parents

So last night, I babysat for a friend and Chris stayed home and took care of our children.  This is our texts between one another.

At 4:26-

Chris-  Griff just head butted me in the nose!  I think he cracked it!  Sitting here with a tissue stuffed up my nose.

Maria-  Sorry babe.  Feeling better?  Need to go to the ER tonight?

Chris-  I'll be okay.  Did you let Little G get into the rice box?

Maria-  Nope.

Chris-  Okay, guess she snuck into it.  Rice everywhere.

At 5:20-

Chris-  Griff just fell off the trunk in the living room right on his hiney.  It had to hurt, but he didn't cry. He knew he was in trouble, though!  Big G tattled on him, so right as I came through the gate, he  just sat down... Right off the trunk!!

Maria-  Is he ok?  

Chris-  yep.

Maria- hehe

At 5:30-

Chris-  Little G just came up to me and asked for a kiss, so I leaned in to kiss her and she slapped me!  She's mad at me right now.

Maria-  HAHAHA!!!!  Why is she mad?!  

Chris-  Because I sent her to the corner.

Maria-  Just to clarify, she slapped you and then she got mad at you for sending her to the corner?

Chris-  Yep.

Maria-  But she wasn't mad at you when she slapped you?

Chris-  No, she was smiling the entire time!

Maria-  HMMMMM.  Wonder why?

Chris-  I don't know.  Will we ever get through to these two?

Maria-  Nope.

Just a typical evening for us.

Love and Hugs!

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