Friday, January 11, 2013

One Liner Thursday

One Liner Thursday will start being One Liner Wednesdays next week!  Actually, it will probably be more like short paragraphs of goings on, because it's hard for me to write some of this stuff in only one sentence!  But I shall try... or not.

Griffin went to the doctor today for a check up and we discovered that he has gained 9 lbs and 3 inches in height since we busted him out of the orphanage on June 5th!  (29 lbs and 34 inches tall.)

Little G-"WOOK, Mommus, a GEEE-raffe!"
Me- "Almost, it's an octopus."

I made a rice sensory station for Little G which contains little toys, jewelry, etc. for her to find.  She absolutely loves it and so does Big G!

Little G has decided that she wants to finger paint after breakfast every single morning.

On Monday, Griffin smiled at me as his 'vus' pulled up to drop him off.  Made my day!

And something funny-

Today, Chris and I had a total lack of communication.  I misunderstood that he was going to get Big G from the bus stop.  While he was downstairs, I yelled to him that I was going to go to the bus stop and for him to watch the little ones.  He didn't hear me.  As I turned the curve up our street, Chris caught a glimpse of me and called to ask if I was headed to the bus stop, because he was, too!  So where were the little ones?  Locked safely inside their fortress but they were only alone for about 3 minutes.  WHEW!  I would have ran all the way home like a mad woman if Chris had made it to the bus stop!  The Germans would think they finally had the proof they needed in order to send out the men with the straight jackets.

But anyway, sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Things have been crazy around here!

Love and Hugs!


  1. After Little G plays in her rice do you let Griffin vacuum up the stray pieces?
    I keep thinking about stepping on rice on top of a tile floor. Owwwww!
    Like stepping on the tiniest Lego piece can make you limp for a day.


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