Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Griffin got caught red handed and he knew it!  I was working in the kitchen and stuck my head around the corner to check on the little ones as they watched Baby Signing Times, within the safety of their fortress.  What did I find?  Griffin had climbed on top of the couch and was standing in the window sill!  UGH.  I have to find a new home for the couch...again.  But anyway, I said in a loud, firm voice, "Griffin!  Get down!" and he plopped down and slid off of that couch just as fast as he could!  It was one of those moments that I had to turn my back so that he couldn't see me laughing.  This was proof to me that he knows what is right and wrong.  He knew he wasn't suppose to be up there.   However, I'm certain that I will find him there again when he gets another opportunity.  Such a toddler.

Griffin had his pre-op appointment today to get tubes placed in his ears.  His surgery will be on Tuesday and he will have to go under general anesthesia as a safety precaution because of Down syndrome.  Makes me nervous but I keep telling myself that whatever decision we make is better than what he had in the orphanage.  Griffin is in God's hands and I have faith that He will take care of our little boy.  Please start lifting Griffin up in your prayers!!

Love and Hugs!

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