Friday, September 28, 2012

First PreK Experience!

Today has been a marvelous day!  When Griffin and I dropped Little G off at MDO (she went in like a champ!), we went to his school and spent the morning with his teacher and students.  He loved every single minute of it.  We arrived, checked in, and his little eyes just couldn't take it all in fast enough.  The halls were decorated with art from all of the students and I could just see his little brain trying to take it all in.  Our morning began with playtime in the gym.  He loved the big open space so he just shuffled off, walked the width of the gym, turned around and headed back.  Eventually, his eyes locked on a socket so he zoned into that for awhile.  For a brief moment, he looked right at me across the way and acted like he was going to toddle over to me, but changed his mind.  The teacher and speech therapist were hanging out with him and seemed genuinely happy to be able to work with Griffin.  When the speech therapist saw him, she got excited and immediately started interacting with him for his assessment.  She brought out a scooter for him to sit on and he took off!   Next, we went to his classroom and had snack time.  My son has now experienced do-nuts, of all things!  Apparently this was a special snack and not a regular occurrence...but I'm proud to say that my little boy didn't even get excited over them.  He ate them, signed for more, but when they were gone, he was finished.   Basically, I had to just show them how he needs to be fed since he has a tendency to pack his mouth full, so they were taking notes.  (Sorry for the quality of these iPhone pics.  Better pictures on his official first day, I promise!)

After snack time, we had circle time.  Everyone sat in chairs around the smart board and we watched interactive music videos, danced, and sang.  Griffin loved it.  However, he does not feel the need to sit still in the chair, so I think they will have problems getting him to stay seated!  When the day was over, the teacher asked me if I would mind that he attends the afternoon class instead of the morning one.  There are only 3 students in the afternoon class that goes from 12:00-2:20.  The morning class was extremely busy, even with 2 students that's a no brainer.  The only conflict I see is that he won't get his nap after lunch.  However, he doesn't tire easily and will more than likely be fine.  This also means that I won't get my peaceful Mother's Day Out break, but that's ok.   I want what's best for him.   Next Friday, he will try the afternoon class.  After we were finished, we were able to join Big G for lunch in the cafeteria!  She is so proud of her little brother!  Griffin sat next to her and snacked on cheerios while Big G ate her pizza lunchable.  Then it was time to pick Little G up from MDO and she was excited to see us and ready to go!  I'm so relieved that she enjoys going now.

This morning, as we were in a rush to get through breakfast, I glanced over at my FB and noticed that our base thrift store listed a wooden step stool that converts to a chair for only $20!  I quickly went through Griffin's OT paperwork and found the order form for this same exact chair!  It costs almost $300 brand new!  I called the thrift store and they held it for us until Chris could pick it up.  God totally lined that up for us, I believe.  What are the odds of that exact chair, which is not a common thing to have in a household, being dropped off at our local thrift store?   Thanks for saving us some money, God! 

So, what's so special about this chair?  Well, it allows Griffin's feet to be firmly planted on a board, and as he grows the board will be moved down until he is grown.  Having his feet firmly planted improves his hand/eye coordination.  I need to buy a harness for it before he's able to use it though.  Guess how much that harness costs?  50 euro!  So I am going to see if someone stateside can get one for us.  Here's the link to the chair if you are interested.

But anyway, Griffin was on cloud 9 at his big boy school.  Honestly, I don't think he wanted to leave!   I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Are you looking for this harness?

    Happy to bid for you if it helps at all.

  2. Thank you so much! :-) I will definitely look into this...hopefully shipping it here won't be an issue. That would be awesome!


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