Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Want a Good Laugh??

So someone asked me if I would mind sharing one of Big G's funny stories that I spoke of here.  I asked her if she would mind, she smiled, and shook her head no.  This is one of my favorite ones.  Maybe you would have to be there to appreciate the humor but it honestly cracks me up every time it crosses my mind.  Are you ready?

June 2010-We were on vacation at my mom's house for the summer in MS.

"Oh my goodness...my sweet Big G is at it again.   My mom, G, and I were at JC Penney's shopping for some shirts for my niece, Ky.  I have to admit, I was pretty grumpy... pregnancy hormones, I guess (I was 6 months pregnant).  I honestly just didn't want to be shopping at all.  Big G, 5 years old now, was staying close but walking around the clothing racks.  She came up to me and said, "Mommy!  I found a sticker!"  To my horror, I glanced down and there, stuck across her shirt, was the sanitary sticker from a bathing suit!  It was stuck directly across her chest.  As she stood there, proud of herself for finding such a treasure, I screeched!  "GET IT OFF!  GROSS!"  She just froze.  Well, I didn't want to touch it!  "Moma, get it off of her!"  My mom started laughing so hard that she couldn't even see to get a grip on it, so I walked up, snatched it off of her shirt, and slung it as hard as I could away from us.  Gross.  By then, I had started laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face, my mom was still rolling as she dug around in her purse for hand sanitizer, and poor Big G was just standing there, totally confused, and wondering what was so funny.  I finally gathered myself together enough to be able to tell her exactly what that sticker actually was and where it came from.  Then she started laughing.  I really needed that laugh!"

I asked Big G if she remembered that and she doesn't.  I guess she blocked it from her mind!  And yes, we went straight to a bathroom and washed our hands.  AHHHH, I love her.

Have a great day!

Love and Hugs!

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