Monday, September 24, 2012

What A Morning...

Well, today was a stressful day.  I'm not gonna lie.  It all began with trying to get to the bus stop on time.  I had to have the little ones completely ready, clothes, breakfast, etc. so that we could leave after getting home from the bus stop.  Both of them have their OT appts at 0900 but I had to pick my husband up because he dropped his truck off at the shop.  So I did pretty well with getting everyone ready on time.  However, we were pushing it to the last minute.  So I rushed to get them in the double stroller and Big G opened up the garage door and that's when I noticed that it was pouring rain.  I have no rain cover for our double stroller (yet) and I had no time to transfer the little ones to the van because that would surely make us miss the bus.  I suppose I could have just taken Big G on to school.  Oh well, hindsight.  ANYWAY.  So we did what we had to do and got drenched.  Big G had her umbrella so she was fine.   After we got home, I had to redress the 3 of us and then headed back downstairs.  I put Griffin in the play yard in the garage and buckled Big G into her car seat...went back for Griffin and strapped him in.  About that time, a semi-truck pulled behind me.  (I have been parking in the street because the landlord is doing work on the front of our house.  We are parking exactly where the landlord said we could park and it was confirmed by the police.)  There was no oncoming traffic so he could have sailed around me with no problems.  He throws his truck in park, gets out, and approaches me.  Ok... about this time, I had already had enough and I honestly thought to myself, "bring it!"  He immediately started talking to me in German but I could tell it was about where I was parked.  I asked him in German to speak English to me and he shook his head, "no".  So I motioned to my van and he nodded yes.  I then said, "UMMM NO, I DON'T THINK SO!  (I then pointed to my van and the street) Landlord said YES! POLICE SAID YES!"  I was standing there in the rain, strapping my son into the van and he is going to tell me to move my van?!  Well, he left pretty quickly.  He may have heard the word "police" and thought I was threatening him. lol.  I don't know.  I noticed my landlady standing out on the balcony.  So I ran over to her and motioned in my crazy, ticked off charades, that the man who just left told me I couldn't park there.  My landlady is a very smiley person so she just smiled and waved.  I believe she was telling me not to worry about it.  So I jumped in my van and started pulling away when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her chasing after me!  So she got to my window and I think she was trying to tell me that I can absolutely park in the street and to not worry about it.  I'm pretty sure she's feeling my stress about all of the work they are doing on the house.  It's really an inconvenience to me and she's never seen the stressed out Maria before.  I'm human... <sigh>.  Language barriers are hard.  The whole time I was talking to the man on the curb, I kept trying to blurt out Russian words.  I'm one confused American.  LOL

OT went great for the little ones.  Both of them did their very best and had a great time.  He is just so impressed that Griffin is as active and determined as he is.  He just never slows down.  However, it's a very slow pace of exploration.  He just shuffles around from thing to thing.  He may try to crawl up onto something so that may take a while or he may struggle to climb up the PT slide backward.  Something that I thought was funny...he started tossing foam blocks at Griffin to work on his reflexes.  Griffin absolutely love it!  The blocks would lightly bump into his face, he would flinch appropriately, but he would double over in laughter.   I think we will have lots of pillow fights in our future!

Also, Griffin did some hand motions for "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!"  YAY!

Anyway, it was nice having the hubby off today to help out with the OT appts but he's back to work tomorrow though.  Looking forward to his retirement!  LOL.

Love and Hugs!

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  1. So sorry you had such a stressful start to your day but glad it ended well! Love ya!!


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