Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Grumpy Pants

Today was actually better with Griffin's mood but he still isn't himself.  He has been having a lot of sinus issues lately and it really began when he was prescribed daily allergy medicine to try to clear the fluid out of his ear.   He may have had a cold, too, but my educated guess is that his sinuses have been blocked off for so long that the allergy medicine has reduced the swelling in his passages and everything is finally able to drain.  Lots of junk and he has finally gotten use to the nasal bulb and will let me clear his nose out.  Finally.  Let me tell you, this boy can put up a great fight!  Mommy always wins, though. :-)  He actually smiled when I cleaned his nose out before bedtime tonight...I always praise him like crazy when it's over, so I think he was expecting his "BRAVO!  GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!"

He only threw his sippy cup on the floor one time today!  I have really been working on that and it may have finally clicked with him.  WOO-HOO!  I actually have a sippy cup leash that I have started using for Little G.  I would use one with Griffin as well, but it's too distracting for him.

I noticed at dinner tonight, that Griffin is moving his food around much better with his tongue!  I really feel that his muscle tone is improving in his mouth!  Papa cooked him some chicken kabobs and he wasn't a fan.  He ate every bite, however, it was a long slow I was able to really watch him eat.  I know that I need to get him to start using a straw sippy cup.  However, this boy is stubborn and we had to search the world over for him to have the exact sippy cup spout that we had bought in his birth country.  Changing him over is going to be very difficult.  Finding motivation is going to be difficult because he's not a big drinker.  A straw will strengthen the muscles in his mouth and prepare him for speech.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve...I'm just not in a huge rush to start.

Tomorrow, while Little G is at Mother's Day Out, I will be taking Griffin to his PreK classroom!  This is just a tryout for him to get the feel of his classroom and for his teacher to know how to prepare for him.  He won't officially start until probably late October or early November.  I was told that I could drop him off or stay with him.  I'll be staying. :-)   I have his Spiderman backpack all ready to go!  It's actually bigger than he is!  haha.  And yeah, I will probably cry. 

Please say a prayer for him!  He actually loves being in his Sunday School class and acts like he wants to stay when I drop Little G off for Mother's Day Out, so I feel that he will love it!  I just hope this class will be a great match for him.

I'll update tomorrow!

Goodnight from Germany!


  1. How about orange soda in the straw cup? Something he NEVER gets but in that cup? When my daughter had to take medicine Pepsi was her reward. Once he gets the hang of it then you can transition to good things? My daughter loved sweet things so that was always my fall back- gotta get her to do this reward. lol Now she's 21 and really doesn't like soda or sweet things.

  2. yes, it will definitely have to be something that really excited him and that he doesn't get any other way. He is very picky with his drinks. I may try the orange soda! Great idea!


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