Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No More Paci.

UGH!  What was I thinking?  Well, it had to happen before Little G turns 2, so here we are.  One more month until her 2nd birthday so the paci has to go.  The pacifier is starting to change the shape of her mouth, even though she is only using it at night and on car rides. I really should be cleaning my house right now, but she's upstairs screaming, I'm stressed, so here I sit. :-)

Little G did a 'no no' today.  She bit Griffin on the forehead.  She knew she had messed up the second I came around the corner.  She took off crawling into the cardboard box that she uses for a house and I captured her, took her upstairs, firmly stressed "NO BITE!", put her in her crib, and closed the door.  No pacifier.  I have no idea what to do and I'm hoping this was just a one time thing.  Biting is tricky with her because she actually bites herself when she gets frustrated.  I went back downstairs, scooped Griffin up, calmed him until he was happy again, and then made some lunch.  As I was cooking, I decided that I should just go ahead and get rid of the paci.  I had already made the first step by putting her in her crib without it for her time out.  (and I don't normally put her in her crib for a time out, it was just the best choice in the moment.)

During lunch, Little G kept pointing to Griffin's bite mark and saying, "ba (bad) bo-bo (I'm from the south and we say bo-bo instead of boo-boo ;-)" and I explained to her that she caused that bad bo-bo and made Griffin hurt.  After lunch, their normal nap time, I went ahead and took Little G up and explained to her that her paci was gone forever.  I took along with me a chew tube and a chew brush that her speech therapist gave us to try.  She willingly took the chew tube, surprisingly, but it didn't stop the tears.   She's been crying for awhile now.  I am going to keep her up there for the duration of her normal nap time and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! 

When I weaned Big G from her pacifier before she turned 2, it was such a great experience.  I had talked her up for the moment by telling her that baby fishies need pacifiers, too.  When the time was right, we took her to the ocean and asked her if she was ready to give her paci to the baby fish.  She said yes and tossed it right in!  As I was giving her a huge hug, Chris grabbed it out of the water to get it out of sight before she could change her mind.  She cried a bit, but I gave her the pacifier strap that we always used to clip to her shirt.  She slept with that paci strap for months!  I would love to have had a great experience like that with Little G but she's so much different than her big sissy.  <sigh>  Maybe we can think of something creative for her to do with it tonight.  It's not something that we need to bring back into view after she's gone a solid night without it.

Griffin has his PreK evaluation tomorrow at 1:00!  I honestly have no idea what to expect, so please pray that it goes well!   Thank you!

Well, I will probably have many sleepless nights ahead!  Wish us luck!  LOL.

Love and Hugs!

Update:  Neither child took a nap today.  When she saw Griffin again,  she took it upon herself to kiss him on his "ba bo-bo".  Hopefully she understands! :-)

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