Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nursemaid's Elbow

Poor Little G.  Yep.  She's gonna be that kid, the one who is always in the ER for one reason or the other.   Not even 2 weeks ago, she ran into a table and had to get dermabond under her eye.  Today, Chris picked her up and swung her into her highchair and we are assuming that her elbow slipped out of joint.  She didn't make a sound as she sat in her highchair, struggling to eat with the wrong hand.  Chris noticed that she wasn't using her arm at all and I took a look.  The minute I tried to lift it, she start crying and almost lost her dinner.  Needless to say, Chris immediately took her to the ER.  For her to cry, we definitely knew something was wrong.  I stuffed a couple packs of gummy snacks in his pockets and told him to give all of them to her!  Our poor baby.  Before they left, I explained to her that the doctor would make her bo-bo all better and asked if she remembered going to the doctor before.  She pointed to her toenail that she had to go to the ER for a few months ago and said, "Ba' bo-bo".  I love that we are having conversations now!  

Thankfully there was no waiting and they were carried right back to a room.  By that time, Little G had already popped her elbow back into place.  The doctor checked her anyway and explained how it happened and that it will be a weak joint for more swinging her.  She will not like that at all. 

Within 45 minutes, they were already headed back home.  The moment I heard the door open, I went to the top of our stairs and called down to her.  I asked if she was all better and she said, "YESSSS!" and pointed to the stickers on her shirt.  I picked her up and rocked her for a good 5-10 minutes while she finished up the remaining gummy snacks.  She was so proud of herself and was in the best mood ever! (she rarely ever sits still long enough for me to hold her!)

So she went to bed a very happy, silly, little girl. 

Goodnight from Germany!

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