Saturday, September 15, 2012

Why Do I Blog So Much?

Good morning!  I can't believe that I'm already blogging by 0830.   Amazing.  Little G is still sleeping and Griffin is content in his high chair, brushing his teeth.  He really enjoys this task. 

I slept until 0700!  Still have my headache, though.  Griffin was wide awake so we headed down stairs and I started breakfast, stretched, and pulled my upper back.  Now I can't move my arm without hurting.  <sigh> yay.  Chris got home from work this morning, exhausted, but he helped me out.  He scooped Griff up and started tossing him into the air and accidentally bonked his head on the ceiling.  Griffin thought it was hilarious and wanted Chris to bonk him again.  It's gonna be one of those days.  LOL.

There is a bazaar on base that is just awesome and I'm really wanting to go.  Chris and I were going to take the little ones on either Thurs or Friday (stroller days) but his work schedule changed that.  For the weekend, strollers aren't allowed.  So when I put the littles down for naps today, I'm going to take Big G and check it out.  When Chris wakes up, he will get the little ones ready and meet us there.  That's the only way this will work at this point.  I have my eyes set on a German style wooden Advent calender.  We've been wanting one for the past 3 years and since we are on borrowed time here, this may be our only chance.  We will see how this goes!

So why do I blog so much?  

1.  I have always loved to write.  This is my outlet.  I look forward to sitting down and getting all of this info out of my head.   When I first moved to Germany, I was pretty sad and missed my family and friends like crazy.  I bought a notebook and started writing.  I wrote about the very first day that I met my husband and ended it on our wedding took me about 2 years to complete but it's a novel that we will both cherish.  I would take that notebook everywhere...Big G's ballet and swim lessons, anywhere that I had to sit and wait, because it was in those moments where my mind would drift home and I would become sad.   After that ended, it wasn't long before we started our adoption process and I have really enjoyed blogging about this experience.  Another project that I have is for my Big G... I have a notebook of her funny things that she has said.  I started it when she was 3 years old and still write in it.  I need to start doing this for Little G since her speech is developing.  When Big G is having a sad day or if I need a good laugh, I will pull that notebook out and we will laugh until we cry!  She is one hilarious little girl.  I encourage all of you to jot these funny little things down that your children do and say.  You won't regret it!

2.  This has become our scrapbook.  This is an excellent way to keep up with Griffin and Little G's progress.  They will be able to look back on this and see how far they've come. 

3.  Our families read it and they look forward to our daily posts.  It's the least we can do since we live so far away!

4.  We want to help future adopting families... If we can provide just a snippet of helpful information for a family, we're happy.

5.  We want to help families who have recently completed adoptions.  If they find themselves in similar situations, maybe some of our techniques can help.  (ex. food issues)

6.  This is one of our ways to share Christ's love.   I love to talk about Jesus.  I enjoy having a place that I can jot down what He shares with me.  His Words are not meant to be bottled up and kept in a secret place.  I want to shout them from the rooftops!

7.  For whatever reason you are here, we are here for you!  Thank you for reading and joining us.  We appreciate you and your encouragement! 

Well, Griffin has started brushing his hair with his toothbrush.  He's done.  LOL.  Better go!

Love and Hugs!

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