Tuesday, October 9, 2012

4 Month Summary

Friday, I will be taking Griffin for his cognitive and speech evaluation for PreK enrollment.  I sat down and wrote all of his accomplishments so that I can hand it over to them, ensuring that I would not forget to tell them anything.  Thought I would share it with y'all tonight!

Griffin has been out of the orphanage for 4 months and a few days.

Griffin has:
-Completely learned to walk from scratch.  Learned to do 2 steps during our month with him in the orphanage.  He walks 99% of the time.

-Can identify facial features (may mix some up)-eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, belly, piggies (toes)

-Signs independently-more, please, milk, mama(not sure if he has made the connection on mama yet)
-Signs with assistance-bus, all done, banana

-Waves 'bye-bye'

-Plays with toys:
  -Can assemble a wooden puzzle with large pieces with assistance (needs help wiggling them into place).
  -Can use the toy gumball machine appropriately.  Puts the ball in, presses lever, ball comes out, giggles, repeat.
  -Can put toy coins into slot.
  -Pushes bus.
  -Rolls ball.
  -Plays with small dinosaurs by walking them around.
  -Plays toy instruments like tambourine and xylophone .

-Finger-play:  (initiates these songs on his own with hand motions)
  -Itsy Bitsy Spider
  -Twinkle Little Star
  -Rock the Griffin-a made up song, we push and pull like Row Your Boat.
  -Griffity Dude-ka-another made up song to the tune of Zippity Doo-day, claps and waves hands with the beat.
  -This Little Piggy

-Knows how to hold feet up for socks and shoes and will attempt to put his feet into them on his own if I hold them open.

-Pushes arms through sleeves.

-Brushes teeth and hair.

-Knows how to do "soft touches" and will stroke hair and face.

-Responds to "come, come, come!"  "up, up, up!" (and will stand).  "no, no, nyet!"  Responds better to commands in 3s.

-Knows that plugs go in sockets.

-Doors that aren't closed will be closed by him.

  -Can tell that he is using his tongue to move food around now, side to side motion.
  -Feeds self finger foods but will pack food quickly.  Raisins are easiest for him to chew and swallow.
  -Chokes easily.
  -Uses sippy cup with soft spout.  Will now drink cold drinks like milk and very diluted juice.  Loves milk with ovaltine, preferably heated.
  -Rejects cheese if placed before him on his tray.  However, he will eat it if I feed it to him.
  -Oatmeal is still a huge trigger when it's gone.  Cries.
  -Gets upset when empty dishes are removed from table but will stop when I tell him "no".
  -Gets upset, sometimes, when he hears a dish scraped by a spoon or fork.
Slow dances with me and will take the lead.  Tries to sing if I don't start singing first.

Gives kisses to me willingly.  Sometimes he will pat my back as if he is giving me a hug.

Will place my hands under his arms to be lifted.

Learned to propel himself in the swing at OT.

Will slide independently on his tummy down a slide.

If you know that I have missed something, let me know!  LOL.

Oh!!  Little G has a Dora purse... Griffin picked it up and as he was walking, he tried to hold the strap by placing it between his chin and chest with no hands.  I finally showed him that it goes on his shoulder and then he was very happy.  SHHHH!  Don't tell Chris!  haha

Love and Hugs!!

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