Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update on Chris- Progress

First of all, thank you for taking the time to pray for my husband!  We greatly appreciate every single one and God is definitely hearing them!!  Last night, I left him in great pain and thinking that we were going to have to insist on sending him back to the States.  However, he made some improvement overnight!

Last night, they gave him some Morphine for the first time, one step lower than the initial pain medicine they had him on.  There has yet to be a pain medicine that has helped with his level of pain.  However, this morning, his pain was around an 8 instead of a 9.  Not sure if the pain meds have knocked it down a notch or if he is recovering.

The redness has shrunk and is mostly concentrated around his elbow area, extending half way up and down his arm.  He had a reduction of redness of about 2 inches from the top and bottom on his arm.  Huge difference.  However, the swelling is still the same.

They took him down to ultrasound and ruled out a blood clot, just in case.

The medical board that they held for him here last night concluded that they were on the right track.  However, they still are no closer to finding the cause to this.  Of course, we have our hunches, but well, you know how that goes.

I think it's safe to say that a person who is trying to regain their appetite and has a very sensitive stomach will not want fish on the lunch tray.  Wouldn't you agree?  I mean, the smell alone makes my stomach turn... and yet, they keep bringing it.  I went to BK here in the hospital and got him a chicken sandwich and he kept it down, thankfully.

The little ones are so glad to see their Mawmaw!!!  Little G started jumping up and down until she landed on her bottom.  When my mom finally got to her, she closed her eyes and wouldn't even look at her!  LOL.  She is such a diva.  Griffin was extremely intrigued by Mawmaw.  When she sat down on the couch, he got just as close as he could and then cupped his hands and started banging his head into his cupped hands on top of my mom (a sign that he's very happy!)  Then he sat in her lap and just stared up at her...and then snatched her glasses off of her face!  LOL.  Stinker.  Big G was crazy excited to see her.  It has been the longest for her (since Christmas), so she is definitely ready for some Mawmaw lovin'.  Around 4:00, I decided to take the little ones to my friend's house so that my mom and Gracie could hang out, and my mom could get some rest.  I hung out with Chris until about 8:30, picked up the kids, and then put everyone to bed.  It's so glad to have my mom with me!

Tonight, I will be taking Gracie to her school harvest festival.  She's so excited!

Anyway, thank you again for the prayers!  We so want to bust Chris out of this place so that he can finish recovering at home!  That would just be awesome.

Love and Hugs!!!

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  1. So glad to hear that the redness is slowly going away. I'll continue to pray for pain relief.


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