Monday, October 29, 2012

So What Are The Kids Up To?

These past 2 weeks have been a blur.  Chris is still in the hospital but they are hoping to send him home tomorrow.  It's been great having my mom here and the kids are really enjoying having all of that Mawmaw lovin'.  I have had to depend on so many people these past 2 weeks to help me out with my children and I'm so grateful to everyone who offered to help and those who actually did have to help.  Once Chris has recovered enough to travel, they will be sending him to San Antonio for a couple of weeks to work on his medical military status, so I will be back at it again.

Since I've had so many people having to help out, Griffin and Little G have both learned different things from different people.  Little G has started talking more!  It's amazing, actually.  My friend, Lura, did wonders with her.  She actually says please after pretty much everything she says!  "cu peas" (cup, please), "ep peas" (help, please).  I love it!  Oh!  And her birthday was on the 19th and I bought her some cupcakes.  She kept  pointing to the kitchen one morning during breakfast and saying "quaks!".  I kept looking for a duck but then discovered that "quaks" are cupcakes.  haha.  So cute!

Big G has been loving all of this special attention!  She has enjoyed having all of these "kid sitters".  Our biggest fiasco was trying to create her "Save the Literary Pumpkin".  Let me tell you, that thing was a thorn in my side!  haha.  That was suppose to be Chris' project with her but things just didn't go that way.  So to make a long story short, the first pumpkin rotted, I used the wrong kind of paint on the second pumpkin, and actually bought the third pumpkin minutes before the commissary closed and got it decorated the night before it was due.  Hello Kitty Fun Fall Day.  DONE-ZO! little toddler Griffin.  He is really finding himself and it's pretty amazing to watch.  I seriously have to relearn who he is on a weekly basis, it seems.  For the past 2 days, he has refused to sign "more" for food.  I have this little boy pegged, though.  I spoke with his OT and pediatrician today about this and they both suggested the same things that I have already been doing.  He seems to be getting comfortable with food, which is what we have been praying for!  However, he is becoming so comfortable that he just lounges back and wants it shoveled in, and sometimes he doesn't even care if he eats at all!  He's come along way!  BUT I don't want to lose this communication with him, I cling to every bit of communication that he gives me!   Griffin refused to sign for his food this morning and he seemed very distracted.  I gave him every opportunity in the world to show interest, but he didn't.  Finally, I just removed the food all together and called breakfast over.  The OT said that he needs to be fully engaged when meal time is happening.  No leaning over the side of his highchair, no covering up his face (he's just started this lately), no playing with his hands.  If he's not engaged, then I just need to stop feeding him and wait for a reaction.  What we are hoping for is some antsy-ness, like "hey!  What about me!"  So we are just going to keep learning and keep moving forward!  A lot of it is boredom, too.  I think he's simply tired of signing "more" for food.  I'm going to start showing him  specific signs for food to mix things up a bit and I have started helping him with his spoon.  He is loving it!  For 2 meals, I have taught him to pick his spoon up (I believe that Little G and Griffin are both left handed!) and hand over hand I will help him scoop the food up, get it to his mouth, and then put his spoon down.  I was able to keep the plate of food directly in front of him without him diving into it.  Pretty amazing!  AND, I guess because I mixed things up a bit, he signed "more" all on his own before lifting his spoon.

Today, he signed "more" when we were rolling a ball to each other in OT.  He has finally realized that he can use that word for more than just food!  He signed "more" when we walked into the library today.  He also pitched a fit when he realized that I was only running in to pick up a library book that was on hold for me!  haha.  He signed "more" when I had to take away a toy when I was getting him out of his car seat!  So this morning, I thought he was giving up on that sign, but by the end of the day, he used it a lot!  Very proud of him!

Griffin had a pediatric appt today for a follow up on the fluid in his ears.  He still has fluid, even with his allergy medicine so we are waiting on a referral to ENT for ear tubes.  Also, Griffin has been waking up for HOURS at night and just partying all by himself in his crib.  Usually from midnight to 3:00, he will wake up, laugh, squeal, play, beat his heels on the crib rails, jump, flop around, you name it.  SO.LOUD.  I have been giving him melatonin when he wakes up but the doctor suggested that I give it to him before he goes to bed.  However, it's not going to keep him asleep, which is the problem that we are having.  He falls asleep just fine.  I don't know.  Last night, I got up, gave him some melatonin, stuffed cotton in my ears (it worked!), and went back to bed!   Yeah, go ahead and laugh.  I know you want to!  (the doctor did. lol)

So it seems that Chris may get to come home tomorrow to continue recovering.  It's not over yet, but he's definitely improving!  They are trying him out on oral antibiotics overnight to make sure his elbow doesn't flare back up without his IV antibiotics.  The PICC line is still in place, just in case.  Thank you so much for the prayers!  So sorry that my posts have been so short but I have been all over the place and crazy busy (and worried).

More soon!

Love and Hugs!

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