Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Update

Just a quick update on Chris...we are still battling whatever is causing issues in his elbow.  We saw 3 doctors today.  The Rheumatologist is still baffled and is bringing in another Rheumatologist on Monday to view his case with fresh eyes.  He is also doing a lot of lab work.  The Infectious Diseases doctor is giving Chris a 50% chance of recovering from this without it flaring back up to the way it was.  He is nervous about Chris flying to San Antonio next week and will be sending him with extra antibiotics.  He did say that it appears to be improving visually, at least.  The orthopedic surgeon said that it looks worse and said that Chris should be getting IV antibiotics.  SO... as his wife, I believe that it visually looks better.  He is still in a great amount of pain, though.  So internally, it's not improving.  In the morning, a radiologist is going to draw more fluid from his elbow and hopefully they will be able to get something, anything to give insight to what this is.    A huge plus with having to go to San Antonio next week is that he will be stateside and will be able to get help in the states if it flares back up.  

Griffin had an ENT appt today to evaluate his ears.  We are going to do one more hearing test on the 7th to see if the Zyrtec is helping the fluid in his ears.  His ear canals are so tiny that the doctor couldn't see deep into his ears at all.  So they said that he will more than likely need ear tubes and that this will be more in depth than a typical 3 year child because they will have to dilate his ears and probably do it under general anesthesia due to him having Ds.  

We had a GREAT time trick or treating last night!  Once we are able to get the pictures off of the camera I will post them for y'all to see!  

It's been a super long day so we are going to hit the hay!  Chris has to be at the hospital bright and early.

More tomorrow!!  (Hang in there with me, I'll get better at posting once I am somewhat back on a schedule again!)

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