Thursday, November 29, 2012

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3?

Chris's View-

I may be playing the Powerball soon!

A friend sent us a link to a video on AOL about a lady who was very active, then was struck with an illness in her joints that confused doctors.  For quite awhile she was bound to her bed due to the joint pain she experienced daily.  Finally, a doctor went down the proverbial rabbit hole to chase a diagnosis.  What did he find?  Symptoms of an obscure illness called Still's Disease.  This is like one of those 1 in a million diagnosis's... okay, sue me... 1.5 cases in every 100,000 to 1,000,000 population!  Gosh... split the hairs why don't you!  LOL!  I asked my doctor today about this and he doesn't think I have all the symptoms for it, but then again, says my doctor, I don't have all the symptoms for ANYTHING!  Comforting, right?  He ordered the lab that checks for something called Ferritin, a protein which binds to iron in the body.  Very simple, a small vial of blood and off to the lab to get tested it went... and with it, another hope that they can find out what is wrong with me.  At this point, they are pretty much testing me for anything that someone recommends.  Tomorrow I am getting checked for a disease called Whipple's.  So, they are checking everything, and I am doing everything they tell me to do.  If they say they need to shoot shark urine up my nose, I'll be smelling shark pee for a few days then.  If there's a possibility of it helping me get my quality of life back, I am going to try it.

We have been getting quite a few requests for a total cost of our adoption and a timeline of the whole thing.  To be honest, the paperwork part was my area of the adoption process... I'm a record keeper by nature.  So, yes, I'll admit it, I have been slacking in my duties!  Tonight I spent the better part of 3 1/2 hours inputting receipts and pictures of those receipts into our expense tracker so we can finally get a total.  Of course, I have to print some stuff out, and that is going to take me a couple days since we are out of ink.  Hopefully by the end of next week, we will be able to announce exactly how much our adoption cost us and how long it took to reach all the milestones that are key in the process.  Maybe our story and breakdown will be what it takes to show someone out there that adoption is possible... even on a single income, military salary!

See ya'll later!


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