Monday, November 19, 2012

They Make Me Happy, Happy, Happy!

Ok... so I stole the "happy, happy, happy" from my new favorite TV show...Duck Dynasty.  Love that show!

My Big G is at school and the littles are still asleep!  Amazing.  Chris will be leaving for doctors appointments soon and I should be getting my shower but I wanted to type up a quick blog first...  the reason being that my heart feels so full and I just need to write it all down.

I got bogged down in the stress of day to day life... especially when my husband got sick and then it seemed that everything was going down hill.  My head is back above water now and I'm experiencing pure joy again.  Praise God!  I absolutely LOVE being a mother and wife and I thank God daily for my amazing family.

My children are precious to me.  Yes, they can drive me nuts sometimes, but I'm already nuts anyway, so it really doesn't matter!  (no need to pipe in here, lol)  I love that they make me smile and laugh... I love that they have their own little personalities.  I love that Little G is feisty...that Big G has an amazing heart...that Griffin loves life.

I had been noticing yesterday that Little G kept yelling "net" at Griffin all day long.  I was totally confused until I saw him reaching for a power cord and she yelled "NET!"... I realized that she was yelling "NYET!" (Russian for 'no').  Little G is speaking in Russian now.  LOL.  great.  Something else that amazed me a few days ago, Little G kept yelling "UH-OH!" and normally does this when she wants out of the living room.  We ignored her for the first few times (I was cooking, Chris was doing homework).  Finally, Chris got up and went to the living room and found that Griffin was stuck in a head stand position in the toy bin.  Little G was yelling "Uh-oh!" to alert us that he needed help!  She really does have his best interest in mind every now and then.

Hold that thought... the kids are still asleep and I'm tired.  I should take a nap.  Be right back!  :-)


Ok... I'm back.

On the way to the bus stop this morning, Big G made up a story about a dog who ate pickles and blew noodles out of his nose.  I love her creativity and her crazy stories.

Yesterday, Griffin didn't want his grilled chicken breast from Chilis.  He actually signed "all done" when Chris held up a bite for him.  That's the first time he has ever initiated "all done" without prompting him.  He is starting to lose interest in many foods which completely surprises me.  However, the OT told me to expect this, so here we are!

Random thought- Why would my husband want to make this?!?  He tagged me in this picture last night.  No thanks, babe.  I think I'll pass on the pork nativity.  Lets build a gingerbread house or something!  OK?

Love and Hugs!

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