Saturday, November 10, 2012


So I've started testing Griffin a little bit.  He has a tremendous infatuation with cords and outlets and I think it's just above and beyond a typical little boy curiosity level.  It's so bad that his pediatrician observed him staring at one in the exam room last week and mentioned it to me.   Since Chris is camping out in the living room until he can tackle the stairs, he is using his phone charger pretty regularly so it stays plugged in all the time.  Well, you can imagine the battle that goes on in Griffin's brain!  Yeah, I could unplug it, but I am preferring to use it as a teaching tool.   I can literally see the thoughts that he is thinking... "I want it, but Mommy won't let me.  Is she watching me?  Let me get a little closer.  She looked away!  Oh, she's back.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you don't want me to touch it..."  Sometimes he will get so close to it and just stare at it.  He won't even reach out for it because he knows that I will yell "NO!".  I am SO proud of him!  I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he 100% understands what 'no' means.  This has proven that to me.   Yeah, I know that it's entrapment, but he really needs to learn that he can't mess with electricity!

Tonight, Little G did something that gave me a bit of hope for her relationship with Griffin.  She tolerates him being in the same room, however, she won't let him in her bubble.  If he comes within arm's reach of her she will shove him away.  Well, tonight I put her in the bathtub and she started whining and pointing to the water next to her.  I asked her if she wanted bubba (Griffin) to get in the tub with her and she said, "YES!"  This is the first time that she has wanted him with her.  Progress!  :-)

The personalities of my children are all very different.  However, I think both of my girl Gs will be perfect for Griffin once they are older.  Big G is very motherly, gentle, loving, and compassionate.  Little G is feisty, no nonsense, cut and dry, you better watch out or you are going to get it kind of attitude.  Griffin will be very blessed to have a sister to love him like there's no tomorrow and one that will have his back and take care of business!  Griffin is a very sweet, cuddly, snuggle-bug.  I'm looking forward to seeing the man that he will become!

My mom will be leaving on Tuesday morning and I will miss her like crazy.  It has been incredibly awesome to have her here with us.  I'm praying hard that Chris won't flare up again and end back up in the hospital.  He's still not doing that well.  His arm is doing better but his ankle is a wreck.  Horribly swollen and very painful.  Hopefully things will get better for him soon!

Thank y'all for praying for our family!  Love and Hugs!


  1. Maybe Santa will find a Little Tykes electrician kit with plugs and cords just for Griffin. Of course I don't know if that exists but...

  2. Yes, I am planning on looking for something like that! He would love it. :-)


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