Friday, November 16, 2012

Teaching Him to Play

So since I am keeping Griffin up an hour later every evening to help him sleep better at night, I have been using that time to teach him to play.  I really enjoy that extra hour with him and he's having a blast.  I have been trying to teach him to run away from me when I growl and at him.  He thinks it's hilarious and will actually run toward me and then collapse on me.  He gets so giggly that he can't even get back up to try again.  When he does, he knows that I'm about to get him again so he's already anticipating me.  We practice this as long as we can until my throat can take no more growling.  haha

Last night, I noticed that he would stand up and start spinning in slow circles.  He's getting pretty fancy on his feet.  :-)  Then I realized that he is doing what his big sissy does to him!  She has been picking him up with a bear hug and will spin him around really fast.  (Griffin is over half her body weight but she does an awesome job!)  He absolutely loves this.  To be honest, if Griffin had to choose a favorite, I think he would choose Big G.  He LOVES her.  I have also noticed that he will toddle over and hold his arms up to her and he doesn't do that to me yet.  She loves him like crazy and I think it's just beautiful that the two of them are developing this bond.

Well, Little G had me up before 0700 this morning while Griffin continues to saw logs.  It's usually the other way around.  I think I'm going to hold her down snuggle her on the couch for a while.

Love and Hugs!

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