Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Day with Griffin

Griffin and I spent the day together.  I had to take him to a follow up appointment this morning and had other things to do throughout the day so I just kept him with me.  He is such a great little sidekick!  We had lunch at Chilis with our friend, Lura, and then we went to Big G's parent/teacher conference.  He laughed throughout the whole conference because he knew that his classroom was down the hall from hers and he thought that we were going there next.  He was super excited!

Big G LOVES school!  I'm so thankful that she wants to be there and that she is a quick learner.  She is reading and writing well above her level but we need to practice word problems for math.  Chris and I are not good with math and we have always joked that we would have to hire Sylvan learning center to teach our children math.

I got to look over some of her journaling and it is absolutely precious.  She is so proud of her little brother and sister and writes about them so much.  She also wrote about Mawmaw's visit and how much she loves her.  She has such a giving heart and I just love her to pieces   My favorite story that she wrote was "Adventures of Super Griffin".  It had me rolling!  She had Griffin in different scenes, and in one of the scenes Griffin was baptizing her and he was wearing floaties on his arms!

After the conference, we checked on Griffin's status with PreK enrollment.   We were expecting to have him enrolled and attending by now.  Come to find out, they are missing the Physical Therapist's report, so hopefully they will get it all together soon.  Griffin is READY!

But anyway, it was a great day and we are so blessed to have a wonderful teacher for Big G.  Griffin is going to have a great one as well and I couldn't be happier with their school.  I want to be closer to home but having such a great school and great friends make it so much harder to leave!

More later!

Love and Hugs!

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