Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating with the world's cutest bat...

sweetest Care Bear...

and the most beautiful Princess Peach.

They had so much fun going door to door trick or treating.  First time for all 3 of them!  Every year without fail, Big G would always get sick and not be able to go.  We finally had success! 

We went with our good friends Elena, Derek, and CJ (the most awesome angry bird ever!).

We are so glad that my mother could come along!

Then last night, we had a last minute belated birthday gathering for Little G, thanks to our good friends, Evan, Ashley, and baby W.!  

She was so excited but didn't even take a single bite!  

Love and Hugs!

(ps.  please keep Chris in your prayers.  He will possibly be having surgery on his arm on Monday morning!)


  1. Did Little G say Trick or Treat? They all look so cute in their costumes. I'm glad you could all be together for the fun.

  2. No... she couldn't really say it but I did get her to say "peas!" (please) :-)


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