Monday, November 5, 2012

Surgery for Chris

Last night, Chris' left ankle flared up in addition to the ongoing infection in his right elbow.  He made it to the ER around 0300 and they took him to surgery around 0900.  They opened up his arm, irrigated it, did cultures, and put in a drainage tube.  The doctor said that they removed fat that was badly infected in his arm and that previous cultures from a few days ago actually showed a gram negative strain of bacteria.  Then they scoped his ankle, cultured, and irrigated that as well.  Said that it was red, inflamed, and infected.  So tomorrow we should know the results of the cultures so that they can put him on the exact antibiotic for that particular bacteria.

His pain was off the chart while he was in the recovery room.  They came out and told me that he was having a hard time and that they couldn't put him in a room until the pain was under control.  Then his oxygen started dropping way too low, so it was a bit crazy for awhile.  However, they were able to get his pain down to a 5.

As I was leaving, his pain was back up to a 7 so I am praying that they can keep it from getting any higher than that.

My mom had a great day with the kids!  They are loving their mawmaw so much and I'm just so glad she's here!  I came home to help her feed dinner to them, Little G was standing in a tall box, my mom was swaying the box from side to side, and Griffin was doubled over in laughter, and Big G was writing Christmas cards to all of us!  LOL.  So cute!

Well, I better head on to bed.  Lucky me, I have developed a toothache!  So I will have to work a dentist appt somewhere in the day tomorrow... maybe.

Please keep praying for Chris!  He really needs all the help he can get!

Love and Hugs!

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