Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things that Make You Go HMMMMMMM

HMMMMMM.  So I'm sure you are wondering what I've been catching in the attic, huh?   You can hardly wait, right?

Well, first things first.  I have definitely, absolutely, caught a cold and it kicked in the day that I crawled up in the attic.  LOL.  Yeah, I know, I can't catch a cold from the attic but still.  At least I caught something, right?

Which leads me into what I'm NOT catching in the attic.

Whatever I'm NOT catching is the attic is big enough to eat what I AM catching in the attic.  Yeah, I'm a little creeped out.

Our first attempt, whatever is in the attic licked the peanut butter right off of our traps without throwing a single one!  So my husband super glued pecans to the trap next.  We managed to trap 2 little mice, but the other traps had been robbed of their super glued pecans and the traps were still set.  One of the mice that we did trap had been hauled off to a remote area of the attic, dropped through the wooden slats to the insulation, became a midnight snack for whatever hauled it off, and I had the pleasure of hanging like a monkey to get it.  I'm really not good at this.

Yesterday morning, I heard something that sounded like boxes falling over in the attic above my bed.  However, there were no boxes out of place when I crawled back up there last night.  But my mysterious little or big nemesis enjoyed more of my super glued pecans.  HMMMMM.

Chris is going to try to find rat traps today.  Maybe it's just a really big rat.  Gross.

I guess our next step after that is to set an actual animal trap.

Or maybe I should dress up like a large peanut butter covered pecan and camp out in the attic one night with a fishing net.


On a more sane note, Griffin's IEP appt has been scheduled!  He will be a school boy soon!  However, Chris just got his travel dates for San Antonio for his medical board and it is during this appt time.  So we may have to reschedule it.  We shall see!  As of right now, it's scheduled for Dec. 11.

I actually ran into the school's OT at the commissary last night.  She knew who I was immediately and said that she was looking forward to having Griffin in school!  I have loved everyone involved in Griffin's life so far.   Very blessed!

More later...

Love and Hugs!

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