Saturday, November 24, 2012

When He Gets Mad At Me

Last night, Griffin got ticked off at me.  He didn't want to go to bed at 8:00.  Well, Griffin has been sick with a pretty bad bad that I just got home from the ER with him to make sure he's ok.  And he is.  Just a sinus infection.

But anyway.

He cried when I put him down to sleep and this is the first time he has ever cried like this.  This is actually a good sign but I'm not encouraging it!  This could mean one of two or maybe three things...(gotta love the adoption guessing game).  1.  He could be trying to buck the system!  Trying to call his own shots.  (yeah, that's not gonna work.)  2.  He felt bad.  3.  He wanted me.

Well, if by chance he actually wanted me when he started crying, he changed his mind.  LOL.  The first time that I went to check on him, I sweetly patted him on his head, told him nights nights, etc. The second time, "Griffin, no no no!  Go to sleep!", The third time, in my best Russian, "Griffin, don't cry, go to sleep, NO!"  Well, it didn't work.  He kept it up.  So I took him to my room to change him and he wouldn't even look at me!  He completely shut down on me.  I changed his diaper and took him downstairs to rock him.  He was literally as limp as a rag doll in my arms and playing possum.  "Griffin, look at me!"  nothing.  "GRIFFINNNNNNNN"  <<crickets>>.  I sat him up, he kept his eyes so tightly closed that it was making his lips pucker up, and he let his head hang to the side like he was sleeping.  Chris was watching all of this and he wanted to see if he would open his eyes if he held him.  I handed him over and Griffin immediately popped those eyes open.  LOL!    That little stinker.  I got him back and rocked him for awhile and he was fine.  He finally went back down for the night.  Wow.  Seriously, what a stinker!

Anyway, it's actually 8:40 now.  Let's see what happens.  :-)


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