Friday, November 2, 2012

My Update... Yeah, Chris is Alive!

Okay, first off thanks for all the prayers, and all the folks who helped Maria out while I was laid up in the hospital!

They let me out of the hospital on Tuesday of this week... yeah, hate me later for not updating sooner!  I have been non-stop with doctor's appointments since.  Many of ya'll saw on Facebook that my nursing staff came in and asked if I was satisfied with my diagnosis.  To me, they were implying that there was something deeper, and in fact, a couple even asked if I had heard any auto-immune rumors.  To be honest, with all my issues, auto-immune fits what is going on.  The doctors are still saying this is an extreme case of cellulitis, contracted through dry elbow skin.  Uh, cellulitis that persists through, now, 7 different antibiotics?  I find it hard to believe, but hey, I didn't go to school for 8 years to practice medicine either.  I also find it hard to believe that I got this skin infection through dry elbow skin, being as I have had dry elbows, oh, my entire life!

So, today I went back to get an aspiration under ultrasound.  Basically, they scanned my right forearm with the ultrasound machine, while they stuck an 18ga. needle into the identified pocket of fluid, and tried to draw out any fluid so they could test it for infection, so they can treat the exact infection.  All the doctor was able to draw out was some very dark blood, which my other doctor said is not supposed to be there.  He was expecting one of a couple different types of fluids, not blood.

I was supposed to go to San Antonio for my formal medical board next week, but the doctor doesn't think that is the best idea.  With this infection not healing like it should, he's afraid of a relapse as soon as the antibiotics are complete.  He is also worried about continuity of care, being as they actually know my recent history here... not something you usually get in the military, and it almost took me by surprise when he said "continuity of care"!  I am definitely not used to hearing that phrase.

I go back on Monday to see my doctor, and if my arm is not better, he is going to try his best to persuade the surgeons to open it up and irrigate the infected area.  I don't want surgery, but if it will cure this mess, I am all about it!

I will post more when I get more info.

See ya'll later!

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  1. Well, my goodness it's nice "hear your voice!" I hope the doctors can get a handle on this soon. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


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