Friday, October 12, 2012

Mommy's Nose

Hi y'all!  Sorry, I feel like a slacker lately.  The truth is that I have been exhausted in the evenings!  I can't even stay awake to watch an episode of Honey Boo Boo or read a chapter in my book.  I am guilty of drinking my fake coffee just so that I can stay up and read... Lately, I've been to tired to even heat the water in the microwave.  Why am I so tired?  I have no idea.  Maybe it's because the kids are running me ragged!  LOL.

Today was another PreK evaluation for my Griffy-pooh.  This eval was more about asking me questions about his cognitive level.  Of course, Griffin didn't do anything that I asked him to do.  He was too busy observing the new surroundings because he is so curious!  She took my word for everything that he can do and then the conversation drifted to his history and life in the orphanage.  People are just so intrigued by his history and his plight to overcome it.  I believe we spoke longer on his orphanage life than the time she took to evaluate him.  Then the speech therapist wanted to evaluate Griffin again.  She shadowed him last Friday in the classroom and she was shocked at how much he has improved from last week!  Music to my ears.

After it was over, he was given a sticker.  He didn't want anything to do with it until I stuck it on his nose.  Then he was all about it and had a great time with his little prize.  We had to sit in the waiting room a bit and I asked him to put it on my nose.  Eventually, to my surprise, he took it off of his nose and did his best to stick it to mine!  Maybe, just maybe, he's gaining the concept of "mommy".  Oh how I hope so!

While all of this was taking place, Little G was at Mother's Day Out.  She had a great time, once again!  She has started melting down the last 30 minutes of class and I wonder if this is becoming the norm for her.  I know that she has fun because she willingly goes into class and seems excited once she's in there.

Yesterday, Big G got the Student of the Month award for Citizenship.  So proud of her!  She is such a sweet, outgoing girl.  She has been having some issues on the school bus...three children have been bullying her.  I emailed the principal and she took care of the situation immediately.  Makes this momma feel better and she is back to her happy little self.  Our school seems to take bullying very seriously and I really appreciate that.

I've been working on some new areas with Griffin.  I have started asking him to undress himself for bath time.  He's doing really well!  I will usually put Little G in the tub and let her get her playtime in and then I will stand Griffin up on the mat beside the tub and slowly go through the process of removing his clothing with his help.  Sometimes it can take 20 minutes but he is doing it, he's very determined, and he doesn't see to mind at all.  Today he did very well.  I held his shirt up just high enough for him to realize that it needed to be pulled off or pulled down.  He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and then pushed it over his head.  For his jeans, I unbuttoned them and pulled them down to his knees, sat him on the mat and he pushed them off all by himself!

I have come to realize that this little boy is very wise beyond his years.  He knows so much and is just trapped inside his little body, just waiting to explode!  He has a knowledge of so many things... I just can't wait for him to break through the rest of this orphanage fog.

But anyway, thank you for hanging in there with us!

Love and Hugs!!!

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