Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Griffin's First Heimlich Maneuver

<sigh>  Griffin almost choked to death today.  Talk about a frightening moment!  I am praising GOD right now that he is ok.  During snack time, I gave the little ones apple slices.  I chopped Griffin's up into bite sized pieces and gave it to him piece by piece.  I went to give him another bite and he was sitting there with a terrified look on his face and I noticed that he was struggling to breathe.  Only God Himself could have kept me as calm as I was.  I stood up, snatched the tray off of his highchair, got his bib off, unstrapped him, was able to keep saying over and over, "it's ok, it's ok..." and then performed the Heimlich on him.  On the 2nd attempt, the apple bite came out.  I quickly took him over to the changing table and sat him there, got face to face with him, and just apologized and told him that I was so sorry if I hurt his belly.  He started to cry.  Bless his heart, he was terrified and probably pretty sore from Mommy dislodging the apple.  We had to hug it out for awhile.  Within minutes he was fine and I let him finish a different kind of snack.  He didn't seem scared to eat.  Thank you, God, for guiding me!

On a lighter was the little ones speech appts at the hospital.  When we were in the parking lot, Little G kept saying, "ball!", over and over.  I actually looked around the ground to see if a ball had fallen out of some one's vehicle.  Nope.  As we were headed into the hospital, she yelled, "BALL!" and pointed to the sky.  There, just as clear as day, was the beautiful, white moon.  Precious!  I said, "oh!  I see the MOON!" and then she said, "see moon!"  She is really picking up on her speech.  So proud of her.

But anyway, I think I'm about to snuggle up on the couch with the hubs.  What a day.

Love and Hugs!


  1. Oh poor Mama! Such a scary thing to happen. Did your heart pound for the next 2 hours after? I wonder if Little G thought you had lost your mind? :) I'm glad all is well and you have another star for bravery in your Mama Book.

  2. Yeah, I was rattled, for sure! Honestly, I kept thinking to myself, "did that really just happen?!" Honestly, I knew it was coming, based on being warned by other mothers of children with Ds, low muscle tone in his mouth, and the way that Griffin stores/packs food in his mouth. In my mind, I imagined what I would do if it ever happened and played that scenario over and over in my mind, and it pretty much unfolded the same exact way! Just so thankful that he is okay and I feel more prepared if, God forbid, it happens again.


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