Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Not Out Of The Woods Yet...

So sorry for the lack of updates.  I am stretched thin.  I am so thankful for everyone who is stepping up to help me.  They are keeping me sane, for sure.

Actually, my husband texted me this morning, a very short text saying that he was feeling horrible.  Being that he didn't answer any of my other questions, I know that he is not well at all.  It will be another 5 hours before I can get there to see him today.  So basically, I can only update you on yesterday.

My observation was that the redness in his arm was less "angry".  Not as angry red but still terribly hot, swollen, and still slightly spreading.  It is from his knuckles all the way up to his shoulder.  His arm is still twice the size that it should be.

They have some speculations but nothing definite.  At this point, they should have a completed culture every day since they have been doing new cultures every day.  The first set came back normal but they are thinking that it was too early in the game for anything to grow.  Hoping and praying for some answers today.

Pain meds are making his pain level in his arm a "9"...and his headaches a "5".  He is one very sick man.  Pain meds aren't doing anything to help his pain in his arm but seems to be keeping his headaches at a level where he can focus and help himself a bit.   He is on 4 IV antibiotics and they are discussing putting a PICC line in if they don't feel that they can switch him to oral antibiotics soon.  His veins can't handle the strength of the antibiotics.

Please keep him in your prayers and hopefully I can post another update tonight!

Thank you!

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