Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Compassion Girl

For the past 10 years, we have been supporting a little girl from Ecuador through Compassion International and it has been a joy for us to watch her grow up.  She is so faithful in writing letters to us and is always so thankful.  Her name is Erika and she is a beautiful, young teenager now, but was just a toddler when we first started supporting her.  She wrote us a letter the other day, addressing Griffin.  She asks, "What was the reason you had for adopting your kid?  Have you ever thought about coming to Ecuador?"  When Chris read that out loud, we both cracked up.  It's almost like she was asking us to come adopt her!  We would, in a heartbeat, but she has parents.  LOL.  I would absolutely love to meet her one day, Lord willing.  We plan to support her as long as she needs it, probably until she turns 18.  I encourage all of you to support a child like this.  It is truly a blessing to watch them grow up and the letters and pictures that you will receive from them are just awesome.

Today has been a crazy day.  Little G has a mild cold going on right now and that doesn't make for a pleasant household.  Griffin has been a bit on the grumpy side, so it wouldn't surprise me if he was catching whatever she has.  I ended up putting them both down for naps, due to grumpiness, by 10:30.  Then our landlord came over, ringing our doorbell a ridiculous amount of times.  Drives me nuts.  I love them but it seems that they are over at our house every other day, and always during nap time.  I rushed down the stairs to say, "Baby sleeps!" (they all speak German) and he could sense my frustration because the bell woke Griffin up.  He said, "OHHH!" and motioned that he would be quiet, with the other 2 men he was bringing into my home.  They had to measure the balcony, of all things.   So I directed them up the stairs and as I turned, I tripped, stumbling up a couple of steps.  Totally ruined my moment.  LOL.  I know one thing for sure, rental properties and Maria do not mix.  I need my own home.

Short and sweet, I know.  Little G is sounding her siren.

Have a great Saturday!

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